A Spring Love Story


Everyone loves a good love story.  And in honor of the Spring Equinox I want to remind you of one of the oldest love stories known to mankind.  It’s the love story of how we came into being; the Love Story of Earth and Sky.  Equinox happens twice a year, once to mark the start of Spring, and again to mark the start of Fall.  It is on these two days that day and night are equal, a perfect balance between light and dark.  Equinox itself comes from the Latin “aequus” (meaning equal) and “nox” (meaning night).  So please take a moment and read the story, be reminded of the origin of your true nature as we shift into the beginning of Spring.


Once upon our time there was a beautiful planet composed of oceans and stone.  She was dreaming her life into being but she was alone.  There were mountains and rivers, but no green grasses, no towering Oaks, certainly no birds to feed and certainly no flowers for them to feed on.  Our planet longed for life.  She was a cold wet rock who longed for connection, beings to share her dreaming with.  She had an endless imagination for creation, but she needed a partner.  Who could she give her love to?  Who would give their love to her?  What other being out there had the ability to understand and share the struggles and celebrations of a conscious planet traveling through space?  Enter her perfect mate, the Sun.  A hot fiery star who burned anyone who came too close.  And yet he saw the Earth, saw that she was the perfect distance away to feel him without getting hurt.  What would scorch life on a closer planet gave birth to life on her fertile soil.  As soon as the became aware of each other, their great dance began.

We are the children of this ancient and ongoing exchange.  We cannot help but be entranced but this love affair between our Earth and the Sun.  Why else are we so enamored of sunsets and sunrises?  We can’t look away.  It reminds us of our true nature.  There is no greater love than the love the sun shines onto the Earth, it feeds all the beings she dreamt into existence with its radiant heat and pure light.  And how does the Earth show her love?  With the Spring.  Each and every wildflower, each and every baby tortoise and squirrel, each and every green stalk shooting skyward, is her offering back to the Sun. And the Earth is no longer alone.  She receives the embrace of the Sun’s heat and she offers up her own gifts in return. Spring is the Earth’s offering of love to the Sun.  My wish for you is to enter into this first day of Spring and feel yourself held in the love between these ancient ancestors, Earth and Sun.  You too are not alone in your wish for connection, so take a moment and open yourself to meaningful exchanges with other energies– not just humans.  There are many ways to honor the coming of Spring, but it’s never a bad idea to plant something.  Then you will have a daily reminder of your place in this great web of life.  And if nothing else, get barefoot, stand in the grass or the dirt or the sand, and feel the Earth radiating underneath you, feel the Sun shining down on you.  Spring is permission to come out of your cave, to emerge from the soil and allow yourself to feel the immense love that is always available to you; the endless romance between these two celestial bodies, our mother Earth and our Father Sky.

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  1. Enjoyable to read. Thanks for sharing this.


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