Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing?

The idea behind Spiritual Healing is this: Over thousands of years our ancestors from every continent learned how to access spiritual sources of power and wisdom ordinarily accessible through dreams, myths, and near-death experiences. The shaman is a healer trained to contact these sources and bring back healing and answers for the benefit of the individual and the community. (Reference: Cave and Cosmos and The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner; www.shamanism.org)

From a spiritual perspective, if you are suffering from depression, an illness, a string of bad luck, writer’s block, even addiction, it’s because you are lacking in spiritual power.  This type of power isn’t something we can sustainably generate for ourselves, it is lent to us from the spirit world.  A Spiritual Healer is someone who is trained to travel to these spiritual worlds and connect with compassionate and benevolent helping spirits who can transmit this power. The healer’s effectiveness is determined by their relationships with these immaculate beings.

This is spiritual healing, meaning that we are working on the spiritual plane to bring you back into alignment, to restore you to wholeness and reconnect to the source of your true power.  But if we consider that the spiritual plane is the soil out of which everything else grows, Spiritual Healing can also address physical, emotional or mental issues as well.

Each Spiritual Healing session is different based on what the spirits divine the client needs in that moment.  Sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, but always profound. This form of healing is the oldest medicine there is and I am honored to be able to facilitate such work.

My husband and I devoted an episode of our podcast, The Spiritual Gayz, to the topic of Soul Retrieval, a vital element of Spiritual Healing.  You can listen to that here.

If you have been plagued by a chronic illness or injury, if you have lost your passion for living, if you have been feeling disconnected from your self, or even if you are just intrigued about this work, I highly encourage you to trust your intuition and reach out.

Find additional resources and testimonials below. And please feel free to email me with any additional questions: brandonalterwellness@gmail.com

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Further Reading Suggestions.

“Could Shamanic Healing Be the Answer You’ve Been Looking For,” by Laura Eraser (https://www.prevention.com/life/a20454267/how-shamanic-healing-works/)

“Shamanic Healing: We Are Not Alone,” an interview with Michael Harner (http://www.shamanism.org/articles/article01.html)

“Soul Retrieval” by Sandra Ingerman  (http://www.sandraingerman.com/sandrasarticles/soulretrieval.html)



I was fortunate to experience a Spiritual Healing session from Brandon, and it was transformative! What really stood out about my session was the level of comfort and trust I felt with him. This enabled me to completely let go and surrender into my experience. I knew that my boundaries would be respected, as well as that Brandon welcomed whatever experience/emotions came up for me and could hold those safely in the energetic container we created. Brandon is truly a gifted and intuitive healer, a gentle soul, and a warm and supportive cheerleader for the divine. I highly recommend you experience a session for yourself! -Michelle, Clinical Psychologist

After my Spiritual Healing session with Brandon, I was suddenly available to receive the healing I’ve been working toward for years. He retrieved multiple soul parts and power animals, all of which have been helping me reconnect with who I am and teaching me about what I came here to do. I am a different person. -Sarah

I came to see Brandon for a “Soul retrieval” after listening to his podcast. There was one point during the podcast that I though he was speaking directly to me and I felt like I had no other choice but dive in and go see him. I had zero expectations, and I’ve never seen a healer before. The experience was mystical, relaxing, and I literally felt my heart expand leaving more room and capacity. The soul parts retrieved were directly out of my “history book” that  I’m sure Brandon has never read but was right on the money. I’ve very grateful to have them back, I think I was ready. -Julie

My private healing session with Brandon was both grounding and inspiring. He took time to talk with me beforehand, making me feel comfortable to go into the session open to whatever may happen but focused on an intention. The ceremony itself was sacred, safe, and meaningful, a pause from the grind of life, and was a beautiful reset to the way I’d been approaching my thoughts. I left feeling light and clear and have been getting little messages (in the form of baby lizards!!) that I am still listening to and learning from. If you’re curious, go! And go to Brandon! He’s simply the best!  -Courtney

I had the best session with Brandon two months ago. I’d been seeing my acupuncturist all summer attempting to fix a mysterious elbow pain. I even had a session with a healer and tried various medications. I had one session with Brandon in his amazing spirit room and my elbow felt better the next day. I also had a ton of energy and an overall sense of clarity. I felt cleaner inside. I don’t know how else to describe it. I imagine Brandon removed a lot the stagnant energy that was causing blocks and probably even elbow pain! I spend all of this money on my outside body and forget about the most important parts that need attention inside. I recommend seeing Brandon … regularly!  -Laurie

The session was very powerful and at times a bit emotional for me.  Since then, I have been aware of subtle changes taking place in many areas of my life.  Part of those changes include being more aware of the spiritual connection that was created during my time with Brandon and his Healing work he did with me. -Blaine

Brandon retrieved soul parts for me on two different occasions (about three months apart). His helping spirits thought it would be best for me to discover what these parts were on my own — versus providing explanations. The nights after both retrievals, I had dreams that were both vivid and clearly thematic (not just the simple “cataloging of the day’s events” type). These two series of dreams were incredibly helpful in revealing the nature of the returned soul parts, which led to deeper re-integration and a sense of peace/wholeness. I am so thankful for Brandon’s spiritual gifts and his professional practice. -Kevin

I recently worked with Brandon for a Soul Retrieval & Animal Retrieval & Extraction work.   The experience was exhilarating!

I had met Brandon through mutual friends, and was immediately drawn to him.  He felt familiar, like a kindred spirit, someone I immediately trusted.   When he shared that he did Spiritual Healing, I was curious, and asked him for some information.  He sent me a couple of articles to read.

I had felt a loss several years back after ending a very serious relationship, and ever since then my career as an artist felt like it was at a standstill.  I asked Brandon to help me re-connect with whatever part(s) of my soul might have gotten lost during that time.  He also journeyed to find one of my spirit animals, and extract anything that wasn’t supposed to be part of me anymore, and find a new place for that to go peacefully.

Early on in the healing, he had asked me to roll over to my side, at which time I felt this sensation of falling that seemed to last for minutes, like I was sinking into the floor and falling, falling, falling, it was wild!   I also felt a huge release like something was taken out of me, and later as if I was being protected by something, and that stayed with me.  I felt lighter, and more confident after leaving the session.

In the days and weeks to follow I noticed a calmness in my work as an artist, that I hadn’t felt in a while. I also noticed my relationship with a two of my co-workers, that I was often bothered by, had changed, not something I had gone into the session asking for, but something I took stock of in the days to follow.  I feel less bothered by them, and that has continued over the past few weeks, I feel it’s a permanent change.

I have had some mood swings, where I was bit cranky and bothered by certain areas of life, however, I also feel things more in those areas than I had in YEARS!

As an artist, it’s good to feel things, so I am happy to re-connect with ALL my feelings, even the less nice ones.    In general, I feel more grounded and have a stronger sense of purpose.

Oh, and my power animal!  Although I was told not to share what that is, I have seen my power animal TONS since the healing.

I would be very open to working with Brandon again, and am beyond grateful for the experience, and how it has helped me.  I couldn’t recommend him and this work enough! -Donald

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