Your Heart is a Planet

YOUR HEART IS A PLANET. And you are its only inhabitant. It’s up to you to decide, what sort of planet will your heart be? A mysterious and fogged in planet, like Neptune? Or a scorched, fiery realm like Mars? Perhaps you will find your heart to be like Earth, an oasis in the dark void of space. Whatever you decide, remember, all planets have transits. All planets have moments in their orbit where they feel they are moving backwards. All planets have moments in their orbit where they slow all the way down and appear to change direction. These are just transits and they will pass.


Your heart is a planet and it is on a journey through the cosmos. Sometimes your heart will meet up with other planets that are not so gentle, I’m looking at you Saturn. It may have to travel through pummeling fields of asteroids and meteors. Sometimes your heart will join up with Venus or the Moon and be close to bursting. Sometimes, in the Winter, your heart will move further away from the Sun because that is the natural course of all moving objects in the sky. All of these, transits. Meaning that, everything the planet of your heart experiences, is transitory.


A planet can’t hold on to anything. It is always in movement. Even when it looks like it has stationed in the sky, truly, it never stops. It can’t slow down. It can’t stop and process. It processes as it goes. A heart is like a planet in that it is always in motion. And a heart, like a planet, is bound by natural cycles. It cannot escape the seasons. It cannot escape gravity. It must accept and allow that it is but one heavenly body in the body electric we call the universe.


Your heart is a planet and it will orbit around other planets. It will make friends and make amends. It will spin out of bounds and return to its regularly scheduled trajectory. It’s not about the destination. Your heart is a planet and it is up to you to explore it. You must wander all the way through it. Map out its different terrains. Chart it, get lost in it, love it. Claim it. Build your whole life upon it. You have no choice. Your heart is a planet and this planet is yours. ▪️▪️▪️

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