Your Bodies Miss You


You are a human being, so yes, you have a physical body.  You worry about how to dress it, what to feed it, who is attracted to it.  But, NEWSFLASH, you don’t just have a physical body.  Your physical body is actually ONE OF FOUR BODIES you carry with you at all times.  Call me crazy, call me a new age hippie, call me Shirley MacLaine (and believe me I take all of those as a compliment) but if you’re still reading this it’s because you know deep in your heart there is SO MUCH MORE TO YOU than what you can see.  In light of this Aries new moon, which is all about new beginnings and new inspiration, let me open you up to a new way of seeing yourself, all of yourself.  Allow me to introduce you to all four of your beautiful bodies.

Meet your bodies, babies: the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the energy body (also commonly called your spiritual body).  Your PHYSICAL BODY doesn’t need much explanation because, hello, you’re in it right now.  It’s the thing that eats and drinks and poops and has sex, it craves chocolate and bubble baths and exercise.  When you don’t use it, it gets stagnant and stuck and you start living on coffee.  When you over use it your physical body becomes exhausted or injured and you start to get sick.  It’s your tool for navigating this material world, but it’s just one tool.  emotionalB

There is another body you spend lots of time in, it’s called your MENTAL BODY.  This body encompasses you like an energy field, but not too close.  Mental energy allows us distance from our pesky feelings, and in Western society we praise and encourage facts and figures, not feelings– so we’ve become a little over dependent on it in the past century or so.  The mental body is where you go when you read a book and see images in your mind, or when you meditate, or when you sit down to write a blog post about the four bodies.  I’m there right now.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s spacious and airy and totally safe because it’s slightly detached– valuable for critical thinking, not so valuable for relationships, dreaming or desire.  The mental body is also home to your anxiety and your depression; when you’re worrying about the past or the future you are spinning out in your mental body.  I’m not going to go into much more here because we are already well acquainted with our mental bodies, they’ve been rewarded and encouraged since we were kids– in fact our job right now is to find the emergency exit out of these suckers.  Yes, they have lots of wisdom for these modern times but they are only one piece of the puzzle and we’ve over-identified with them.  Sorry, not sorry


The third of your four bodies is your EMOTIONAL BODY and this is the one most people spend their lives trying to avoid.  This body energetically hugs you like a second skin (because duh, it is) and you usually try to ignore it or suppress it before it gets you in trouble (ie. a Julianne Moore style breakdown in a grocery store).  Most Americans and Westerners attempt to avoid the emotional body by taking refuge in the mental body (Instagram scrolling, Netflix, working all the time) but no matter how far you run this body never forgets.  Your emotional body stores every trauma; it holds on to every insult and every orgasm.  It can’t help it, it is (as poet Mary Oliver calls it) “the soft animal of your body”.  But with courage and attention you can release these held wounds.  Have you ever gotten a massage (or taken a yoga class or hell even a dance class) and all of a sudden you just start to feel emotional (crying or laughing or just plain pissed off)?  That’s your emotional body and it can be triggered by hip openers, deep shoulder work or even just the intimacy of non-sexual physical touch.  We spend a lot of energy hiding from this body because we know it holds pain– but by hiding from our emotional bodies we miss out on all the good stuff too, the bliss of connection, the joy of a delicious meal, being able to laugh with abandon.  If you sever your relationship to this body your life can begin to feel flat, and if this is starting to sound like you don’t panic.  I would wager most of us are in the same boat here, we all have work to do when it comes to getting to know our emotional bodies.


Last, but in no way the least, is your ENERGY BODY.  My favorite way to prove to you the existence of your energy body is this: remember the last time you felt someone invade your personal space?  They didn’t touch you, they just entered into your energetic field and you felt it– well the thing that felt it is your energy body.  The energy body is both your deepest core and your outer most shield.  Your energy body is how you ground, create boundaries and clear yourself from a bad date or a troubling phone call with your mother.  Your energy body holds all of your chakras, it anchors you to the heart of this planet and it connects you to the highest power of the universe.  Simply put, your energy body is the essence of you– beyond what you look like, beyond what you think, beyond what you feel.  chakra-nadi-yoga-svadiyaya

These four bodies albeit separate are not disjointed, they are in fact connected through you.  When you engage with one, you often engage with at least one of the others.  Yoga for example works with all four, sex works with at least two (physical and energetic if it’s a one night stand, throw in the emotional as well if it’s with your lover) and even something as simple as sitting with the energy of a tree can engage your energy body, your emotional body and your mental body simultaneously.  Now I’m gonna be totally transparent here (even at the risk of confusing you) and let you in on the fact that you actually have more than these four bodies.  There’s also your astral body, your celestial body and your etheric body (see pictures below).  In fact there may even be more (spoiler alert: there are).  But frankly, I’m still learning about these and at this stage of the game four bodies is more than enough to work with.  Don’t you think?

So why am I telling you all this in the first place?  Because I want your life to expand.  I want you to start to notice how you engage with your day through the lens of these four bodies– are you living mostly from the mental body? When you exercise are you solely in your physical body?  When was the last time you let yourself cry just because the cherry blossoms were beautiful, is your emotional body a total stranger to you?  Have you acknowledged your instincts when your energy body says a place is bad news, or have you entered anyways? The world that we see is just the shore of an invisible and exotic country called Spirit and I want you to wake up, if not to the invisible world, at least to your invisible bodies.  Take this Aries new moon as an opportunity to begin a relationship with one of your bodies that is currently unknown to you.  Take your emotional body out on a date, give your energy body a soundbath; start to seek out all of yourself and just notice what happens.  And as always, I am here for you, ask me questions, share your experiences.  May you revel in the profound beauty of your being, may you find wonder every day in the great mystery that is YOU.

Love, Brandon


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