New Moon in Mother Earth

The New Moon in Taurus is a portal to rekindle your relationship with the Earth.  And without the Earth, there would be no Astrology, there would be no Tarot, there would be no Shamanism or Crystals or Magick Candles, and so on and so forth.  This New Moon wants to remind you of your inextricable link to this planet we call home. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, meaning it is the most grounded, deeply rooted and fully present energy of the Zodiac.  If Aries asks the question: Who am I? Then Taurus asks the question: Where am I? It’s not enough to know who you are, you must learn where you are and what you stand for. Taurus Season is our opportunity to begin to take action from our new identity, to evolve our lofty ideas from an intellectual exercise into repeated practice.

The image I received for this New Moon was of a person crawling out of a grave.  That, in and of itself, feels very Taurus, to emerge from the dirt, reborn, and gaze up towards the sky.  But there’s a deeper communication happening with this symbol. You see Taurus and Scorpio as polar opposites are linked signs.  Together they create the continuum of death and rebirth, light and darkness. Remember when you were young and you thought if you dug deep enough you could reach the other side of the world?  Well in Astrology that’s actually true. If you go deep enough in Taurus, you end up in Scorpio and vice versa. Scorpio teaches us the necessity of death to release that which no longer serves.  Scorpio turns inwards, Taurus opens outwards. Taurus teaches us the value of new life. Together, Taurus and Scorpio speak the language of transformation, how we continue to evolve and expand or else decay and contract.

This new moon is both a grave for your old tired shit and the birth canal for your fresh awakening.  Can you become more aware of how interconnected we all are? Can you begin to see yourself deeply mirrored in the natural world?  Taurus is ruled by Venus, goddess of love and as a result this sign’s energy is incredible sensual, seductive, fleshy and lavish. The more you can relate to your body as a little earth, orbiting around all the other little earth, the more truly yourself you will become.  And because your flesh is made up of the same cosmic stuff as the wind, the trees, the mountains and the ocean, your body is an incredibly psychic instrument. Unlike the mind, which deceives easily, the body cannot lie. This New Moon could initiate your psychic body into deeper levels of awareness, but you must pay attention.  Where Scorpio takes us into deep waters to experience psychic downloads, Taurus knows that the same level of insight is available in the physical world. We need not ignore our reality to perceive a deeper layer of existence. All we need do is wake up our skin and tune in.

When we go against nature we go against ourselves.  In the dark of this New Moon we can start to see where we have been sabotaging our own best interests.  This is the moon to get right with Mother Nature and your own nature. Where does your food come from? What about the crystals you love so much? How are you actively participating in caring for this larger body we call the Earth? We can no longer afford to be passive consumers.  We must be Earth warriors. We must become conscious of the debt our own life creates. If we can wake up to the crisis we are in now, there may be some chance we can change the story to come. But if we remain in fear and denial, we will turn on back on the thing we love the most, the source of our own life.  I mention this, not to guilt or shame you into changing your ways. I am writing this because there is no more joyful experience of life then when you are truly working with yourself and nature. And the New Moon in Taurus believes you are ready for that bliss.

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