About Me

Hello there and welcome!  My name is Brandon Alter and I am a healer, a teacher and a writer.  I am passionate about sharing spiritual tools that have helped me reconnect to the wisdom of my heart.  It is my belief that every single person has a unique purpose and that our hearts hold the key to unlocking “WHY WE ARE HERE.”  The more we can trust our hearts, the more our lives will continue to blossom.

I have always been a seeker.   My mom took me to my very first psychic when I was seven years old and I have been practicing Yoga since I was a teenager.  I am a teacher (and also a life-long student) of Tarot, Breathwork, Pilates, Yoga, Tarot, Reiki, Crystals and Shamanic Healing.  And through these modalities I can help you feel more at home in your body and more connected to your spirit.   Whether it’s a Tarot reading, a personalized Yoga/Pilates session or an energy healing session, my goal is always the same: to restore you to the alignment and perfection from which you emanated.

I have had the honor of studying under masters of all fields, from Twyla Tharp to Deepak Chopra, David Elliott and Ganga White and they have all helped shape my philosophy and offerings.  But my greatest teacher is always the Earth herself, and through a deepening relationship with her I am constantly renewed and returned to myself.

If you are interested in a reading or a healing, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



Currently training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Breathwork:  Completed David Elliott’s four level healer training.

Reiki:  I have been Reiki Attuned for over fifteen years.

Pilates:  Ivon Dahl of International Pilates, Pilates Plus and WundaBar Pilates with Marie-Jose Blom at Long Beach Dance Conditioning.  Over ten years teaching experience.

Yoga:  200 hr Yoga program at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara.

University:  Bachelor of Arts with Honors from University of Southern California.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love you babe – congrats!


  2. Cheers to you and your success! I feel blessed to know you!


  3. Gabrielle Goodman March 28, 2016 — 11:23 am

    Great site! Love your energy. All the best! : )


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