Full Moon in Boss Bitch

Full disclosure: I have a sweet spot for a moon in Capricorn because I am one.  And I’m in good company too; Cher, Abraham Lincoln, Stevie Nicks and Brad Pitt are all Capricorn moons. But don’t be fooled, this is not necessarily an easy moon placement. Remember that the moon rules our subconscious, our emotional life, our heart. And Capricorn isn’t a sign generally interested in those realms– Capricorns are more interested in world domination, in success at all costs. So you can imagine the challenge of having a moon in Capricorn is that feelings can get pushed aside real quickly, and there’s a tendency for compartmentalization. The silver lining to this this storm cloud is that a Capricorn moon has a way of never letting you see them sweat.  Even when things are completely unraveling, they appear to have it all under control. This composure stems from Capricorn’s sacred relationship to duty. And that is the invitation the Full Moon is rolling out for us this week.
What is bigger than you, that you can give your whole self too? We are in complex and fast-moving times. You can feel it. None of us are allowed to sit on the sidelines and be passive observers anymore. We must continue to step up and create the new world we want to live in. Each and every one of us has a part to play. But until we pick up our power individually, until we claim our unique authority, we will always be letting other people pave the way.
This moon wants you to feel your power in the world. Not for your ego, but for the bigger purpose you serve.  You are a boss. You have to remember that. You have to wake up every day and remind yourself that you are a big deal. You have to tend to your power. Until you do, you will not have the energy necessary to change your world.

Maybe you’ve lost touch with that power because you’re not in touch with the bigger purpose you are serving. Don’t freak out, this week is going to reconnect you to your life purpose so you can actually start to be the bad ass you’ve always felt was inside.

We lose our power when we make it all about ourselves. I have a friend who is an incredibly talented opera singer and actress. Truly, her work is always awe-inspiring. But she struggles, as we all do, with putting herself out there. Self promotion isn’t always easy. It can leave us feeling slimy or worse, desperate. But I said to her that she must continue to put herself out there, because it’s not about her, it’s about her unbelievable voice. The world has to hear it. When she gives into insecurity she literally dishonors the gift that is her voice, her talent. Who hasn’t been there? It’s not about ego. It’s about fighting for opportunities to share our gifts with a world that is so hungry for them.
What unique gift can you build your life around? That’s the question to meditate on in the next two weeks. Because that’s where your power comes from. Whatever you decide to dedicate yourself to, will become the source of your power to expand, achieve and transform. At it’s essence, Capricorn is an empire builder. It works hard and dreams big, not for selfish gain but for the sake of the whole wide world.
Saturn, the planet of the planet of responsibility and consequence rules Capricorn.  So it makes sense that Capricorn corresponds to our bones and the skin. Where all the other signs are specific body parts (ie. hands, feet, ankles, etc.), Capricorn is the whole system, it’s the literal foundation. Which I think symbolizes what Capricorn energy is really good at, building structure. I find it really helps to work with your physical body in a disciplined way during this season. When you dedicate yourself to learning proper alignment and getting strong in your body, it will help you lift the heavy weights in your life.
In the spirit of that, I want to offer one-on-one private Yoga + Pilates sessions at a special Capricorn rate of only $100/session (which is frankly, cheap as hell).  Especially if you already have a Yoga practice, or exercise regularly, a little tune up can really make a huge difference in everything else that you do.  Or if you are finally ready to start a physical routine, let me help you design a program that is personalized for you.  The start of Summer is here, and there is no better time to start something than right now!

Full Moon in Sagittarius + Chasing After Ricky Martin

Last Friday night, towards the end of dinner, my husband spotted Ricky Martin. He was almost unrecognizable, I thought, in rimless reading glasses and a plain, white, long-sleeved, t-shirt. But my husband is very good at this sort of thing and he was right. It was Ricky Martin, casually walking by with his husband.  My sister-in-law, a card-carrying Sagittarius goddess, didn’t skip a beat. Before I knew it, she was up and chasing after him.

It happened so fast. I’m not even sure she had the conscious thought: Oh, I should go introduce myself to Ricky Martin. It was all instinct. There was no hesitation, no doubt. And moments later, she was mid-conversation with Ricky Martin, talking about Puerto Rico and what they could do to continue the relief efforts.  And at the end of their exchange, he asked for HER card. I mean, that is some purpose-driven witchcraft right there. My sister-in-law is truly a force of nature. She was so confident, so self-assured. And this inspiring display reminded me of what Sagittarius energy is all about. It’s an arrow on fire, and it sails towards its destiny, unflinchingly.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, May 29th at 7:19 AM (PDT)) we are invited to step into the Full Moon in Sagittarius.  But FYI, if you’re the sort of person who charges your crystals outside (I AM!), under the light of the full moon, then do it tonight! Because tomorrow night she will already be in the wane and you want that energy when it’s at its peak. Sagittarius is an explosively charismatic and dynamic fire sign, that seeks truth in all realms.  But for this wise and impassioned Centaur, truth isn’t just an idea, it’s a felt experience in the body. It’s a chord that rings out loud and clear. As my sister-in-law magnificently demonstrated, Sagittarius is the sign of TRUTH IN ACTION.

So, what does a Full Moon in Sagittarius mean for the rest of us? What are we supposed to do with all this fire energy in the sky? My advice is: We are supposed to use it to illuminate the truth about ourselves.  Take some time, and TELL THE TRUTH ON YOURSELF. And if that sounds scary as hell, even more reason to do it.


Imagine you were a stranger experiencing your life for the very first time. What would you see? How would you perceive yourself?  I bet the truth about your life is actually A WHOLE LOT BETTER than you realize. But our old stories, our inner critic, don’t let us receive our own greatness. We get so used to looking for problems everywhere, that we neglect to notice what is working out gorgeously.

To tell the truth on yourself will set you free. And I would encourage you to take a few minutes this evening, stand under the moon, and seek out the truth of your own life. Say them out loud, or write them down.  What is the truth of what you have? What is the truth of what you want? And how can these truths be more than just ideas in your head– how can they find their way out into the world?


Stand outside under the moon.
Close your eyes.
Visualize yourself in a golden egg of light.
Imagine the moonlight filling up your egg.
Breathe in the light, let it penetrate every cell of your being.
And then ask, out loud: WHAT IS THE TRUTH OF MY LIFE?
Sit still, listen for the answer or answers (maybe write it down).

I had a great therapist a few years back who told me this, he said: The paradoxical theory of change is that until you ACCEPT THE TRUTH of your circumstances, you can’t change a damn thing. So, if you are one of those people who like to tell yourself a made up story about your life, as opposed to facing the cold hard facts, I get it– that shit is hard. But if you want anything in your life to change, to get better, to evolve and transform, then you have to look it right in the eye and CALL IT OUT.  Only after you have named the truths you see in your life, will you will be able to release them. Fantasyland is a nice place to escape to, I get it, I’ve been there– I’ve got actually got dual citizenship, believe me. But if you live your whole life there, your reality will remain unchanged.

I understand that sometimes we are too entrenched in our own lives to clearly identify the patterns. Sometimes we are too close to the windshield to see our own blind spots. So in an effort to help you on your truth-seeking journey; I am going to give HOUR-LONG TAROT READINGS AT A SPECIAL PRICE (but only until June 13th, so don’t delay!). If you’ve never gotten your cards read, it can be kinda mind blowing. They are profoundly insightful and healing. It’s not fortune telling, it’s a tool to help you see what energies are most available to you. It’s like seeing a spiritual snapshot of your life, right now. And once you see the big picture, you can begin to change any little detail you like.

Alright, my loves, that’s all for this cycle. Take care of yourselves, tell the truth and enjoy the start of the Summer. I’ll see you in two weeks for the NEW MOON in GEMINI!

New Moon in Taurus w/ CHER

Tomorrow morning around 4 AM, a new cycle begins.  And I want you to take it.  Whatever has been happening for you this month, or even this year– let it go.  Imagine you could wake up tomorrow and start fresh.  And truly, you can.  A new moon, technically, is when the Sun and the Moon rejoin each other in the sky. So it makes sense that this is a monthly moment when you are INVITED TO REJOIN YOURSELF. It’s a time when you are asked to wipe the slate clean, and meet yourself where you truly are– so that you can begin again.

Because Taurus is a sensual earth sign (that I often associate with Mother Earth herself) this new moon is a profound invitation to renew your whole life, starting with the physical world around you.  This means your body, your bank account and most importantly, your home.   New Moon in Taurus is encouraging you to set yourself right in relationship with Mother Earth. I mean, you live on this planet, honey, so you might as well start developing meaningful exchange with her– because even with Global Warming, she ain’t going nowhere. So I ask you?  When was the last time you got out into nature? When was the last time you truly took in the simple beauty of a sunset, or a cactus flower or your own gorgeous face? Spoiler alert: It’s springtime, babies. All around us things are blooming, things are COMING INTO BEING. The more you can tune into nature, the more you will tune into your own nature. You will start to discover how you too are blooming. You will start to see where new aspects of yourself are coming into being.

The other invitation with this new moon cycle is to renew your relationship with your body. I like to think of our physical bodies as little Earths. And like the Earth, the more we take care of it, the more we are taken care of. So celebrate your body this cycle; remember how good it feels to be in your body. After a long cold winter, some of our senses get dulled– numb. So now is the ideal time to wake them back up.   I would argue that Taurus is the most sensual of signs, so take a cue from Taurus Queen Cher, and SNAP OUT of your stale routine. Treat yourself to the world of sensation. Use your body for pleasure. Eat lavish meals to expand your taste buds. Buy a new wardrobe of sumptuous fabrics because they feel so good on your skin. Invest in pure high grade essential oils, change up your scent, or your bathtime ritual. And don’t be cheap, go for the good stuff; Taurus reminds us that we are worth the best– and sometimes quality costs more. Barbra Streisand is also a Taurus so… need I say more?

Your outer world reflects your inner world.  And I have a feeling your inner world has changed vastly in the past few months– so now you get to match your outsides to your insides. Taurus reminds us that no matter how enlightened we become, we can’t neglect the material world, because it’s where we live!  Take a long hard look at your closet, maybe it’s time to let that person go.  She ain’t you, anymore.  Or is your car a mess?  Mine is.  Maybe it’s time to get it washed.  This week you will feel supported in spring cleaning, starting new diets, new fitness routines, and new relationships with the world around you.  So take advantage of the energy while you can.

Life Lessons from Liza Minnelli


Things have been intense recently.  And I know I’m not the only who feels this way.  Maybe you have also been feeling a little out of control, a little anxious, a little manic or moody.  There’s good reason for that.  With big planets like Jupiter and Saturn in Scorpio we are being invited into intensity and transformation (because that’s what the sign of Scorpio is all about).  This is a sign that loves nothing more than digging deep into sex and death and shadow.  And the full moon last night, which you can still work with, was a giant period at the end of a cycle of transformation for all us.  At this moment we are halfway through Spring and time feels like it’s really speeding up.  This full moon asks us to notice where have we reached the end of a story, and how can we bring all this energy in for a landing.

Here’s the deal, Scorpio can go from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye.  It is addicted to feeling things in the most powerful way– but our job is learning how to translate that intensity into something we can use.  For example, I’ve been traveling almost non-stop for the past few weeks.  And it’s been beautiful and exciting, lots of revelations coming in left and right.  But at the end of the day these transformational experiences are only as valuable as my ability to integrate them into my daily life.  And that is what this full moon is paving the way for– a chance to bring all your spiritual and emotional adventures back down to Earth.

Often times when we are going through a rough situation we just want to get to the other side as quickly as possible.  And that is completely understandable.  But consider that whatever you have been going through is now coming to an end.  What has this moment taught you?  What new aspects of yourself has it revealed?  Sometimes the most painful and intense experiences in our lives are the catalyst for the personal upgrade we’ve been waiting for.  Learning how to channel the energy of pain and disappointment into personal power is what making magic is all about.  You are the magician of your life and everything is happening for you.  But it requires the discipline and discernment to harness all that energy and apply it to your every day life.  Simply put, it’s not enough to have the breakdown– you have to work with the wound until it becomes your breakthrough.


Whenever I’m feeling depressed as fuck I watch this hilarious video of Liza Minnelli on the Home Shopping Network.  Not only is it just out of control funny, because Liza (goddess bless her) is high as a kite, but there’s some wisdom in here too.  She talks about how she broke her knee and that forced her to spend weeks in bed.  She didn’t know what to do with herself, so she started working with clay– and she realized she loved it.  Then she started making jewelry molds out of the clay and now she’s selling her shit on HSN.  I don’t know about you but THAT is some major witchcraft right there.  That’s how you work with a wound and let it lead you forwards to your bigger, better life.  You see, you have to work with your wounds like clay, feel them in your hands, mold them around, meditate on them.  Ask them what they want to become.  And then have the courage to listen.  Like Liza you can turn your psychological and emotional sufferings into real world gold– but you have to get real and keep it simple.  This full moon is building us a bridge where we can take our intense experiences and spin them into something we can actually use.  But the full moon wont walk you across, you have to take the steps yourself, placing one foot in front of the other.

Above all the most important thing you can do in these next two weeks is to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF ON A PHYSICAL LEVEL.  This means eating well, long baths, massages, facials, hiking and exercise– you want your self care to be on fleek!  Let your inner Earth Goddess emerge and start to treat yourself to sensual pleasures.  Cook an extravagant meal and let yourself really taste it.  Buy an expensive candle and luxuriate in its smell.  When things get crazy and out of control, real world  pleasures can ground us back in our body.  Your body is the wisest teacher you have.  So don’t be afraid to really root into the physical world.  Because at the end of the day, the only place we can manifest our dreams is in the present moment.  And your body will expose you to the present moment and all of its possibilities.   Good luck grounding your intensity, plant it deep in the soil of your heart and notice what starts to bloom.

I want to help you make magic out of your pain and suffering.  I want to show you how to turn your trauma into triumph.  So for the next two weeks, while the moon slowly wanes, I’m offering a SPECIAL ON ENERGY HEALING AND BREATHWORK.  Instead of the regular rate of $150, you can work one-on-one with me for only $100.  This seventy minute session will take you into the root of your wounds so you can start to transform them into something valuable.  I am confident that if you are ready to change your life, your habits or your responses, we can truly take some big steps together.  If you are one of those people who have trouble letting go, feeling your emotions or releasing the negative mental chatter, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  It’s a joy for me to have this new platform to share some thoughts and stay connected.  For those of you who reached out regarding SOUL CENTERED PILATES, please know it’s currently on hold while I find a new suitable location.  But I will reach out as soon as it’s back on track.

Lots of love,





Yesterday I received some bodywork from a very gifted healer, it went deep and I was grateful for it.  After the session she talked to me a little bit about what she noticed while working on me.  She said she felt called to energize and align my third, fourth and fifth chakras (the solar plexus, the heart and the throat respectively). They are connected, she reminded me.  Even though the energies they contain and stoke are unique, they work together.  They must.


Just like your body, every part has a meaning, each piece has a crucial role to play. Your Solar Plexus is your crucible of strength, your Heart is the temple of your truth and your Throat is the valor required to honor your boundaries, needs and knowledge.  The literal definition of valor is: great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.  Without STRENGTH of conviction and a deep connection to our unique TRUTH, how can any of us expect to BE BEINGS OF VALOR.  What is valor without truth, what is truth without the strength to stand by it, and what is strength without heartfelt purpose? deep-breath

Each and every day we attempt to balance these powers.  Strength without truth is just bullying, truth without valor is cowardice and valor without strength is just a bunch of bullshit.  Tonight’s LIBRA FULL MOON which completes itself at 4:37 AM tomorrow morning is inviting is to release the imbalances in our lives, particularly in our bodies and most importantly in our Energy Body, where all these Chakras reside.


Where are your Strength, your Truth and your Valor our whack?  Which of these need more attention and which of these are overworked?  Consider it another way: Do you know where you stand?  Do you know what you stand for?  Do you speak the truth with love and conviction?  Let your heart and mind marinate on these questions and perhaps the poetry and beauty of the Libra Full Moon can illuminate where balance has been eluding you.


Picture-7YOU ARE A PORTAL.  Maybe it’s because I’m heading to New Orleans later this week, maybe it’s because I just got back from the desert, but I’ve been thinking about portals, a lot. Portals are doorways into other worlds.  Portals can connect us to different times, different dimensions, different frequencies.  They are neither good nor bad, they are merely gateways into the unknown. Simply put, they are bridges between here and there and they are everywhere.  When you’re out in nature, exploring a silent cave or a sacred clearing and you notice the air change, that’s a portal.  Where you walk into a room in a house and you feel you hair stand up on end, that’s a portal.  When you put on a song from your youth and you get transported back in time, that’s also a portal.

People can be portals too.  You are a portal.  You are the threshold through which your whole life is being channeled; some days you are a portal reaching forwards to your future self up and some days you are reaching back to your wounded child..  Portals get created and closed all the time.  Think about the last time you got together with your best friend in the whole wide world.  Can you see how that opened a portal?  Did time speed up, did you forget about the rest of the world around you?  I have some besties who I never fail to create a portal with– even over the phone!  But portals don’t just exist outside of ourselves, they exist within us as well.  Your heart is one of the most powerful portals I know.  By entering into and through your heart you get to feel the world differently. By entering into and through the portal of your third eye, you get to see the world differently.


I’m gonna tell you a little story about the last time I stumbled onto an unexpected portal, it was just a few days ago:

So this weekend I was trying to order takeout from the only pizza place in Joshua Tree, on a Saturday night, on a holiday weekend.  Needless to say I got a busy signal every time I called.  After twelve failed attempts I checked in with my intuition for what to do and I heard 5:55.  It was currently 5:30 and I thought my intuition was telling me if I called back at 5:55 I would get through.  But let be real with ya’ll, I was hungry and I didn’t want to have to wait that long.  So I kept calling and calling and finally I got through.  Then I proceeded to be put on hold for 16 minutes!  Can you guess what time it was when the girl finally picked up the line and took my order?  That’s right, it was 5:55.  I mean you can’t make this shit up!  So to me, this made me think about time as a portal too.  There are certain magic times in the day when windows to the invisible world slide wide open.  5:55 is a portal, 11:11 is a portal, sunset is a portal, so is high noon.  Even Sunday Morning is a type of portal if you think about it. 


So hopefully this is all very interesting and engaging but I’m sure you’re wondering, why should I care?  Well, because the truth is, we are always channeling something.  At every moment of our lives we are reaching into portals and it’s important we start to become aware of that.  We need to take responsibility for the energies we are engaging with and drawing from.  By starting to become aware of the portals around us and within us, we can pick up our power in a major way and have more agency in calling in EXACTLY the type of energy we need to help us flourish in our lives.  By becoming aware of portals we can also learn to close those which zap us of our vitality and confidence and avoid those which drain our energy and time.  The most sacred portal each of us possesses is the portal to spirit, a soft spot within all of us that immediately connects us to the great mystery.  This is the portal, humble and quiet, that I cherish most of all.  And my wish for you is that you find it right in this moment– this portal is an infinite invitation to feel your interconnectedness in this magnificent and tangled web of life.  Step into it now.img_9327-1

New Moon in SCORPIO

We are almost out of the Scorpio woods my loves, the energy and intensity of these past few weeks is about to leave us for the excitement and adventure of Sagittarius… but before that party can begin, there is one last dark portal to walk through. And you must walk through it.  If you have been using these past few weeks to mine your own depths, feel your darkest feelings, and obsess over how to change your life from the inside out, then this new moon should feel like a beautiful warm bath. It will be the opportunity to shed this old skin and start a new relationship with your emotional life. You will be the proverbial phoenix rising up from the ashes of all your burnt out dreams. However if you have spent this Scorpio season hiding under your covers, doing everything in your power NOT to feel the truth of where you are, then chances are this new moon is going to fuck you up.  Sorry, not sorry.  You cannot run from your feelings, you can only delay them.  If you don’t want to end up right back here same time next year then remember the only way out, is through.

Let me be completely transparent, I have spent the past few weeks crying my guts out, making best friends with my bathroom floor, going through whole boxes of Kleenex at a time.  But because I took Scorpio medicine willingly, I was able to seek out all the monsters of doubt and fear hiding inside me and now there is nothing lurking in the shadow closet.  As I approach this new moon I feel lighter and freer and also a little hollowed out too.  And I want you to feel lighter too.  The power of Scorpio is that it shows you exactly where you are. And that’s a beautiful gift. Because when you know where you actually are, you can chart a path forward.   If you keep pretending you’re further along than you are, more zen than you are, happier than you are— you will never actually change.  So while the door is still open have the courage to TELL YOURSELF THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING.  Make amends with your emotions and promise to be here for them every day from here on out, that way they don’t all descend upon you next October like a swarm of locusts.

A New Moon in Scorpio is all about your emotions.  Scorpio is a water sign, and water signs remind us the power and purpose of our feeling states.  So if you want to truly engage with this energy, it’s time to get emo… like really really emo.  I encourage you to take a long hot bath or shower, to wrap yourself in your softest sweats, put on the music that makes you feel ALL your feels, and let go.  Remember, your emotions are your friends.  They are trying to show you something about your life.  If you keep pushing them aside or ignoring them, you are going to miss out on the gifts they have to bring.  This new moon is a chance to begin to love all the various emotions that you’ve avoided for too long.  Try to love your sadness and your despair, attempt to cuddle your fear and doubt like a childhood stuffed animal.  The power of Scorpio is that they OWN THEMSELVES COMPLETELY, they have a quiet intensity that comes from knowing exactly who they are and making no apologies.  You can access that power too, but to claim it you must first name it.  Name every guest in your heart, welcome them into your New Moon ritual.  And then witness how every emotion you thought would undo you will actually build you the life of your dreams. Happy New Moon my witches.

You Will Be Tempted

by Brandon Alter

You will be tempted to hate yourself.

You will be tempted to cast yourself as a villain.

To look upon yourself through eyes of darkness.

You will consider dying.

You will wish for it, like a pot of gold.

But you will carry on anyways.

You will abandon yourself and you will rejoin yourself.

You will make mistakes and mistake your makes.

There will be silence and there will be tears.

But there will not be an ending.

When you were young you had dreams.

Now you have plans and regrets.

And that is the way. That is the only way.

You will fail in spectacular ways and think nothing of it.

You will succeed in tiny rooms and be the only one to applaud.

There will never be a day when you can rest completely.

So you will find rest in every breath.

You will seek it out hungrily.

And you will feast on it.

And still you will starve.

You will wonder why you came at all.

You will.

But do not forget that you have forgotten.

Do not let yourself get twisted inwards beyond any possible untangling.

Because the simplest answer will always be true.

You are good.

You are born from light and towards light you are journeying.

And even saints lose their tempers.

Because we are all villains and monsters and unimaginable beasts of beauty and tenderness and pain.

And that pain is the threshold, the portal, the opening.

So open it.

Full Moon in Taurus

The Full Moon portal is open my loves, at 10:23 PM her powers will be at their fullest in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a hard working, deeply grounded, EARTH energy. And with our sun in fierce Scorpio we should expect an intensity to accompany the strength of this moon. Full Moon in Taurus has the nickname Shaman Moon, and my favorite definition of a Shaman is “one with a foot in both worlds”. So tonight’s moon invites us to consider the material aspects of our lives but also the invisible threads that weave together our existence.  

Ok great, you’re thinking, but what do I actually do with this information, these energies, this window of opportunity? Let me break it down for you: ANYTHING YOU WANT! There is no right or wrong way to connect with the Full Moon. It is truly an intuitive and ever changing exploration; to discover what the moon moves in you as it moves through space and time. Aligning with the moon, with natural cycles, reminds us of who we are at our deepest point. The more we connect and consider how we are part of the natural world, the less isolated and alien we feel to ourselves and others. As you gaze up at our luminous grandmother moon this evening, take some time to reconsider your relationship with this planet we call home. Consider how generously we are nourished and nurtured by Mother Earth and Father Sky, consider how you can make an offering of GREAT THANKS for your life to the very forces which sustain and renew it.  

From this place of connectedness and gratitude may you experience some clarity about what aspects of your being and your life and ready to be released. What is ready to die in you, so your more aligned self can be reborn? Taurus is an energy of material things, the here and now. So you might feel supported in doing a little house cleaning. Get rid of old clothes and unused dishes, take down the pictures that no longer resonate with who you are becoming. Shed your old selves joyfully. The more you discard the closer to get to your core.

New Moon in Libra, Tend Your Relations

Imagine the Ancient Ones under the new moon sky, no light but starlight to illuminate their rituals. Imagine how bright and how vast their view of the cosmos was. Today we have science and light pollution and even though the new moon refuses to show itself, we know it’s still there. I love the new moon for this very reason. It represents the moment before anything manifests itself; it reminds us that only in darkness and silence and stillness can anything truly be born.

Our ancestors, under that new moon sky imagined their futures written in the heavens. They dreamed themselves forwards, for the good of their own hearts and their communities. Today’s Libra New Moon wants to remind you of your relationships with your ancestors, the luminous ones. This moon wants you to sit in the dark and feel deeply into the partnerships you need to forge or repair in order to take the next step on your journey. We must build a bridge between our past and our future and this can only happen if we allow for space and time to see those patterns that will either run us into the ground or weave us all together in harmony.


Let’s be real, the new moon is always the invisible presence that asks the hardest questions. Who are you really? What are you here to do? Where are you heading? How can you heal a piece of all that is? I want to encourage you to actually take some time and face these questions head on. Even if you struggle and strain beneath them and even if you don’t come up with a complete answer, at least you’re starting to sketch the dream forwards.

You don’t have to do any of this alone. Just as we cannot see the new moon, we still have access to her energy. Your resolved ancestors and spirit guides are hidden to your eyes but that doesn’t mean they have abandoned you. The angels are trying to send you messages all the time. Libra is the sign of relationships and this new moon is a reminder that your connections need to be tended regularly, with spirit, with this planet, with your friends, with your ancestors, with your living family and MOST IMPORTANTLY with yourself.


If you do only one thing to honor the new moon today, carve out a few moments to sit quietly, turn off the lights. Find your core, your deepest heart and from that place call out into the invisible world and invite your ancestral helping spirits to support you in your daily life, reconnect with the guides who have been silently shepherding you through life. Do one thing, large or small, to breathe new life into your exchange with this planet we call home. Libra new moon wants to remind us that our lives are built from relationships, they are the very foundation of what it means to be human. So clean out the alignments that are no longer sacred and serving you, clean up the bonds that you have taken for granted or ignored, and remember that just by acknowledging the dark new moon you are deepening your own relationship with her, with the great mystery and with your own unique magic.

Solar Eclipse Advice

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Even if you're one of those people that have trouble feeling energy, or you don't think you have the capacity to do it, or you just don't believe in that shit… Today would be a day where you could change your mind about all of it. The energies in the sky are palpable today and if you give yourself permission you can feel them! Let yourself touch the energy of this eclipse. Let it touch you and transform your whole being. Even if you just close your eyes for five minutes and observe what you feel, I can pretty much guarantee it will be worth it. Happy eclipse day my soul brothers and sisters! XOXO ▪️▪️▪️ #eclipse #sun #moon #energy #healing #healer #transformation #shift #dream #expand #heal #yoga #yogi #astrology #spirit #change #ceremony #meditation #magic

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