Illuminate Your Wounds (Full Moon in Virgo)

This full moon wants you to stop lying to yourself.  Sorry to be so blunt.  But enough wasting time in denial, your life is waiting!  Full moons are about releasing, and this full moon is in Virgo, the sign of the healer.  So it begs the question: What is standing in the way of your healing?  And I would like to offer up that the biggest thing standing in the way of your healing is THE LIE THAT YOU DON’T NEED HEALING.  Of course you need healing!  We all need healing!  Life itself is a process of healing, it never stops.  So why are we so resistant to the idea that there are wounds deep in our hearts?  Why is it such a challenge to admit to ourselves that we have been hurt?  Getting hurt and getting healed is part of what it means to be human.  Our bodies reveal this miracle all the time: you get cut, your skin heals.  Can you imagine if your body pretended it didn’t need healing after you cut yourself?  You’d be spending the rest of your days with an open wound, bleeding all over the place.  And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that is exactly what is going on.  We are bleeding and we are pretending we don’t need band-aids!
As Westerners we have been taught to keep our emotions hidden, to not appear weak.  We’ve become very good at this.  In fact, we’re so convincing that we’ve forgotten we’re just putting on a show.  Consider the normal exchange: “How are you?” “Oh, I’m fine.”  Fine?  Fine is the biggest lie we tell ourselves.  We are not fine.  We are angry and sad and suffering.  We are scared and full of doubts.  But instead of facing any of this, we pour ourselves another glass of wine and we say, I’m just fine.  Well frankly, I’m sick of being fine.  And I’m willing to bet you are too.  So here’s the good news, we are moving into Spring.  The energy of Spring is about new life, new beginnings.  If you can meet the challenge of this Virgo full moon and face your lies head on, you can start to heal in a deeper way than ever before.  If you can have the courage to admit (even just to yourself) that you are hurting, all of the sudden you are going to start feeling better.  I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but the paradoxical theory of change states that until we accept where we are, nothing can progress.


So here’s my advice, ask the light of this full moon to illuminate your wounds.  The loving energy of this Virgo full moon can guide you into your pain, and just by sitting with your suffering it will start to lessen.  I promise you.  Hiding from your heart is making things worse, not better.  Remember what we resist, persists.  We cannot afford to be the walking wounded anymore, we cannot afford to deny the pain we are in. How much worse does it need to get until you finally face yourself?  You don’t have to be afraid, or fuck it, be afraid, but do it anyways.  Yes, it will hurt.  Life hurts sometimes.  But as soon as you have the courage to acknowledge your need for healing, healing will find you.  That’s the magical thing about life on this planet.  You see what you look for.  If you start looking for ways to heal I guarantee you that spirit will present them to you, in abundance.  Winter is ending.  Let your heart thaw.  Meet it where it is: bloody, bruised, but love it anyway.  And then surrender to the miracle of Spring– you can be reborn, you can start over, your heart has been patiently waiting for your time in the sun.


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