When Spirit Says Go (Sagittarius Full Moon)


I just got back from a ten day spirit quest.  I drove more than two-thousand miles.  I listened to a lot of podcasts– like a lot!  And the most meaningful thing that happened wasn’t the people I met (although they were gorgeous, inside and out), or the things I learned (and they were mind blowing), it was the fact that I was somewhere new.  Just seeing new vistas, wider skies, different mountains, refreshed me completely.  I went to towns I’d never seen before, traveled roads I never knew existed.  For a boy who grew up in Southern California and has lived there all his life, getting out of town never felt so good.  And that’s what this full moon wants you to do– get out of your comfort zone and find something new.


This moon is in Sagittarius, the sign of the truth seeker– the wild explorer.  It’s a fiery sign that speaks to the adventurer in all of us.  Have you been feeling stuck in a rut lately?  I sure had, my life was feeling very small– my routine was wearing me down.  And then I took this trip and was reminded how big the world is, how expansive my own heart is.  The energy of tonight’s moon is ready to shake you up in a good way, it’s encouraging you to take a safari into new ways of being, new ideas, new people, places and things!  And if you can take a trip this weekend, do it!  But if you don’t have the time or the funds to leave home, that’s ok too.  Because it’s not about physically leaving, it’s about leaving your worn-down state of mind.


You gotta shake it up, keep it fresh, get inspired– when did you stop having fun and being creative with your life?  I want you to remember this life is a blast and creativity is your birthright– so eat dinner at a new restaurant, watch a documentary on a subject you hate, take a pottery class and then break the damn pot!  What your soul is longing for is the thrill of newness, and that will lead you to a deeper truth.  You are not the person you were yesterday, so why are you still doing the same old things?  You are not the person you were five years, so why haven’t you bought some new clothes?  You are not the person you were in high school so why are you still holding on to those books?!  You are a constantly evolving, ever-changing eternal being, and if you don’t keep exploring yourself, you’re gonna get bored and WORSE, you’re gonna get stuck.


I had to go out of town to get unstuck.  But the truth is, I was stuck inside.  I was mired in some old ass stories and some long expired beliefs.  Seeing new horizons externally allowed me the vision to experience some new internal shores.  And I’m so lucky I was able to hop in my car and explore.  But there’s plenty of renaissance right where you are.  Let this full moon remind you of your hunger for life.  I had a therapist who used to say: Your life is a laboratory, experiment, make a mess!  And that’s what I’m encouraging you to do this weekend, have fun, be silly and stupid and maybe even a little reckless.  Release the old bullshit that keeps you from digging deeper and expanding wider.  This full moon is an invitation from your spirit to voyage out beyond what you have known– and when spirit says go, you better listen!


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