The Breath

deep-breathEarlier this year I was completely stuck.  It wasn’t a depression.  It wasn’t a crisis.  It was more like all my dreams had turned to dust.  I didn’t know who I was; I didn’t know how I got here– life felt like one giant disappointment.  I would go to sleep early and still wake up exhausted, feeling beat down by the universe.  My past weighed on me like cement boots and I couldn’t even take one step forwards.   My entire life had shrink wrapped around me and I was suffocating.  Where was my enthusiasm for living?  What had happened to my sense of expansiveness and optimism?  I had a beautiful new husband, the world’s cutest dog, friends who adored me– but I was deep in despair.  At my core I knew something had to change, but what?  In an effort to gain some clarity I made a commitment January 1st to stop hiding from my heart and face ALL MY FEELINGS, all the time.  It wasn’t easy and it certainly wasn’t pretty (ask my poor husband), but it was the best thing I ever did.  feeling-stuck

When I finally brought my emotional body out of the closet, I realized I’d been feeling sad and hopeless for years now.  And underneath all that was the shocking and painful understanding that I didn’t believe in myself anymore.  I didn’t trust there was a place for me in this world.  Even though I didn’t exhibit it daily, lurking behind my positive attitude and energetic exterior– there was a lot of shame, self-doubt, and feeling like a victim– not to mention a slew of being mean to myself for no good reason.   Then something magical happened, the universe led me to discover David Elliot’s two-part breath.  This is a simple breathing technique that completely changed me from the inside out.  As soon as I stumbled upon the breath, I started practicing it daily.  Within months all of these problematic self-defeating energies vanished.520661be93d11175376b34d1e6bec8d1

Sounds too good to be true right?  Well listen, I’d been doing work on myself for a while.  I had been in therapy for years (and still am).  I had gotten real good at identifying what was in my way.  Intellectually I understood my issues but I still couldn’t get those ah-ha moments to result in actual CHANGES TO MY LIFE.  That was part of why I felt so stuck: I knew better, but I couldn’t do better.  That’s exactly where the breath came in.  It helped me release the old patterns so they no longer ran my life, and ran me into the ground.  This crazy powerful breath completely bypasses your sneaky ego, which loves to lie to you, and brings attention to where old crap is stuck in your body.  Where awareness goes, energy flows; once the breath discovers your energy blocks it immediately starts to clear them out.  The result?   You are free.  You are no longer a victim of outdated stories, thought-patterns and/or belief systems.  It’s not a replacement for therapy, but in my experience it proved a more accelerated way to stop making the same mistakes.  breathe

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I want to help you.  I know there’s a lot of you out there feeling as stuck as I was.  This is a simple practice that works!  Take it from me, I’ve tried everything: psychics, mediums, yoga, so much therapy, exercise, meditation, etc. and they all worked for a while (and to be fair, I still practice yoga and meditate every day).  But the breath helped me actually shift into A NEW WAY OF BEING more rapidly and intensely than anything else.  It’s not easy and it’s not pain-free; but it is beautiful and effective.  And I want to help you experience it.  The breath found me and brought me back into alignment and it CAN and it WILL do the same for you.  It’s not a quick fix, and it doesn’t happen all at once.  But it puts you on a path to healing like nothing I’ve ever known.breathSo if you’re ready to really change your life, instead of just talking about it, please reach out to me.  I’m opening up the spirit room in my house as a sanctuary for healing and all are welcome– even skeptics!  I’ve just returned from a retreat in New Mexico where I was certified to facilitate this sort of work and I’m truly passionate about sharing it with you.  If this post has awakened something in you, trust your gut and contact me– we can work in person OR (believe it or not) over Skype.  In fact sometimes the most powerful sessions can happen we we don’t share the same physical space.  Your real life is waiting for you and the breath is ready to connect you with it!  And if you want more information check out this article from earlier this month: Breathwork is Trending (and It Could Change Your Whole Life).  Sending love to you wherever you are!



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