RATEYOURBURN.COM: Tops is Brandon Alter. Brandon has been dancing all his life, and
began practicing yoga in his early teens. He became a certified Reiki practitioner before he even graduating high school; the man was born to heal. His students have attributed their posture and toned bodies solely to Brandon’s Pilates classes. He plays amazing music and seems to have a bottomless repertoire of movements and pacing styles. His overall awesomeness earned him the No. 1 spot on this listYOGA-TREE.pngERIK: Best instructor ever.  The first time I ever encountered Pilates.  Love his spiritual mix of Pilates, yoga, and breathing exercises.  Truly energizing and a great workout for body and mind.  Also always provides the best workout soundtrack in the game.

HEATHER: Brandon is an excellent coach with the knowledge of how the inner body works. Starting with your breath, your spinal cord and the importance of the core he really covers it all. You don’t question a move or certain work out he does because of his careful explanation.

LAURIE:  I hired Brandon to teach mat Pilates at our busy production company. It was the first time we’d offered anything like that and I wasn’t sure how it would go over with the staff. Brandon was a huge hit. People that had never tried yoga or Pilates signed up and kept going back. Brandon had employees from all over the company at various levels of fitness bonding with one another and getting more serious about their health. Brandon’s classes were challenging, but always fun and he played the best music!! My favorite part was that Brandon made everyone feel welcome and special. He was also extremely professional, responsible and reliable. Call him!!

LAUREN:  Brandon’s positive energy is contagious. In a fun & lighthearted manner, he’ll both push you farther than you thought you could go & make you appreciate where you already are.  He pays attention to detail and proper form, and his tunes will make you smile. I never knew I loved Cher until I took his class!


JULIE: As someone who hates exercising, I dreaded the work that would go into preparing for my big day.  However, Brandon helped to distract from the pain and envision the results, which meant these arms were more than ready for that wedding dress, not to mention the killer tunes that were incorporated on the dance floor.

BRYAN:  The best compliment I can give to Brandon is simple, he became a highlight to my day. Working out and getting into shape can often be grueling, but he brought so much spirit and energy into each session that I always left my time with him ready to start my day. Simply put, my time with him was something I looked forward instead of avoiding. He is one of the few instructors I have worked with that seems to genuinely care about his clients as people, and his willingness to adapt and encourage based on my needs as a person allowed me to feel like I had a true partner in reaching my goals

VAN:  Brandon is really a good Yoga Instructor. I like that he explains things as he moves along. Sometimes I can leave my eyes closed and keep up with him. I usually need to watch the Instructor a lot.

SARAH: Brandon is a beautiful person with such radiant energy and I always have a therapeutic experience during his Pilates classes. He has created his own unique style of teaching and I truly appreciate that every class is different.

MARYJO:  I love Brandon’s Pilates Class.  He knows his stuff.  The time goes so fast when I am working out with him.  The best instructor!


YVONNE: I have been exercising my whole life, and have had many different teachers, and instructors. I  have been fortunate to have taken Brandon’s Pilates classes for three years.  I love the way he threads his yoga teaching with Pilates. His ever changing play list, sense of humor creates a unique exercise session.  Brandon isn’t just an instructor he is a teacher.  Brandon has a way of educating you with every breath! When I complete a class with Brandon I feel stronger, longer, and completely aligned …..Spine, mind, and spirit!

NARBE:  I have had the pleasure of having Brandon as my Pilates instructor for the past year and a half. I love the way he incorporates elements of yoga in his sessions. He has a way of shifting gears from deep and relaxing stretches to exercises that bring up your heart rate and challenge your core.  His best attribute is that he is extremely funny, patient, and encouraging to his students. I look forward to having Brandon as my teacher for many sessions to come!

JESSICA:  Brandon is without a doubt one of my favorite Pilates instructors! My first ever Pilates class was taught by him.   It was an experience like no other. I love how he incorporates yoga into his Pilates classes. I always feel rejuvenated and confident when I leave. His style of teaching suits any level, weather it’s someone’s  first time or 100th it’s always a great workout. And he always make everyone feel great and accomplished!

VICTORIA:  Brandon is a bright shining light of kindness, patience and compassion.

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