New Moon in SCORPIO

We are almost out of the Scorpio woods my loves, the energy and intensity of these past few weeks is about to leave us for the excitement and adventure of Sagittarius… but before that party can begin, there is one last dark portal to walk through. And you must walk through it.  If you have been using these past few weeks to mine your own depths, feel your darkest feelings, and obsess over how to change your life from the inside out, then this new moon should feel like a beautiful warm bath. It will be the opportunity to shed this old skin and start a new relationship with your emotional life. You will be the proverbial phoenix rising up from the ashes of all your burnt out dreams. However if you have spent this Scorpio season hiding under your covers, doing everything in your power NOT to feel the truth of where you are, then chances are this new moon is going to fuck you up.  Sorry, not sorry.  You cannot run from your feelings, you can only delay them.  If you don’t want to end up right back here same time next year then remember the only way out, is through.

Let me be completely transparent, I have spent the past few weeks crying my guts out, making best friends with my bathroom floor, going through whole boxes of Kleenex at a time.  But because I took Scorpio medicine willingly, I was able to seek out all the monsters of doubt and fear hiding inside me and now there is nothing lurking in the shadow closet.  As I approach this new moon I feel lighter and freer and also a little hollowed out too.  And I want you to feel lighter too.  The power of Scorpio is that it shows you exactly where you are. And that’s a beautiful gift. Because when you know where you actually are, you can chart a path forward.   If you keep pretending you’re further along than you are, more zen than you are, happier than you are— you will never actually change.  So while the door is still open have the courage to TELL YOURSELF THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING.  Make amends with your emotions and promise to be here for them every day from here on out, that way they don’t all descend upon you next October like a swarm of locusts.

A New Moon in Scorpio is all about your emotions.  Scorpio is a water sign, and water signs remind us the power and purpose of our feeling states.  So if you want to truly engage with this energy, it’s time to get emo… like really really emo.  I encourage you to take a long hot bath or shower, to wrap yourself in your softest sweats, put on the music that makes you feel ALL your feels, and let go.  Remember, your emotions are your friends.  They are trying to show you something about your life.  If you keep pushing them aside or ignoring them, you are going to miss out on the gifts they have to bring.  This new moon is a chance to begin to love all the various emotions that you’ve avoided for too long.  Try to love your sadness and your despair, attempt to cuddle your fear and doubt like a childhood stuffed animal.  The power of Scorpio is that they OWN THEMSELVES COMPLETELY, they have a quiet intensity that comes from knowing exactly who they are and making no apologies.  You can access that power too, but to claim it you must first name it.  Name every guest in your heart, welcome them into your New Moon ritual.  And then witness how every emotion you thought would undo you will actually build you the life of your dreams. Happy New Moon my witches.

You Will Be Tempted

by Brandon Alter

You will be tempted to hate yourself.

You will be tempted to cast yourself as a villain.

To look upon yourself through eyes of darkness.

You will consider dying.

You will wish for it, like a pot of gold.

But you will carry on anyways.

You will abandon yourself and you will rejoin yourself.

You will make mistakes and mistake your makes.

There will be silence and there will be tears.

But there will not be an ending.

When you were young you had dreams.

Now you have plans and regrets.

And that is the way. That is the only way.

You will fail in spectacular ways and think nothing of it.

You will succeed in tiny rooms and be the only one to applaud.

There will never be a day when you can rest completely.

So you will find rest in every breath.

You will seek it out hungrily.

And you will feast on it.

And still you will starve.

You will wonder why you came at all.

You will.

But do not forget that you have forgotten.

Do not let yourself get twisted inwards beyond any possible untangling.

Because the simplest answer will always be true.

You are good.

You are born from light and towards light you are journeying.

And even saints lose their tempers.

Because we are all villains and monsters and unimaginable beasts of beauty and tenderness and pain.

And that pain is the threshold, the portal, the opening.

So open it.


Full Moon in Taurus

The Full Moon portal is open my loves, at 10:23 PM her powers will be at their fullest in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a hard working, deeply grounded, EARTH energy. And with our sun in fierce Scorpio we should expect an intensity to accompany the strength of this moon. Full Moon in Taurus has the nickname Shaman Moon, and my favorite definition of a Shaman is “one with a foot in both worlds”. So tonight’s moon invites us to consider the material aspects of our lives but also the invisible threads that weave together our existence.  

Ok great, you’re thinking, but what do I actually do with this information, these energies, this window of opportunity? Let me break it down for you: ANYTHING YOU WANT! There is no right or wrong way to connect with the Full Moon. It is truly an intuitive and ever changing exploration; to discover what the moon moves in you as it moves through space and time. Aligning with the moon, with natural cycles, reminds us of who we are at our deepest point. The more we connect and consider how we are part of the natural world, the less isolated and alien we feel to ourselves and others. As you gaze up at our luminous grandmother moon this evening, take some time to reconsider your relationship with this planet we call home. Consider how generously we are nourished and nurtured by Mother Earth and Father Sky, consider how you can make an offering of GREAT THANKS for your life to the very forces which sustain and renew it.  

From this place of connectedness and gratitude may you experience some clarity about what aspects of your being and your life and ready to be released. What is ready to die in you, so your more aligned self can be reborn? Taurus is an energy of material things, the here and now. So you might feel supported in doing a little house cleaning. Get rid of old clothes and unused dishes, take down the pictures that no longer resonate with who you are becoming. Shed your old selves joyfully. The more you discard the closer to get to your core.

New Moon in Libra, Tend Your Relations

Imagine the Ancient Ones under the new moon sky, no light but starlight to illuminate their rituals. Imagine how bright and how vast their view of the cosmos was. Today we have science and light pollution and even though the new moon refuses to show itself, we know it’s still there. I love the new moon for this very reason. It represents the moment before anything manifests itself; it reminds us that only in darkness and silence and stillness can anything truly be born.

Our ancestors, under that new moon sky imagined their futures written in the heavens. They dreamed themselves forwards, for the good of their own hearts and their communities. Today’s Libra New Moon wants to remind you of your relationships with your ancestors, the luminous ones. This moon wants you to sit in the dark and feel deeply into the partnerships you need to forge or repair in order to take the next step on your journey. We must build a bridge between our past and our future and this can only happen if we allow for space and time to see those patterns that will either run us into the ground or weave us all together in harmony.


Let’s be real, the new moon is always the invisible presence that asks the hardest questions. Who are you really? What are you here to do? Where are you heading? How can you heal a piece of all that is? I want to encourage you to actually take some time and face these questions head on. Even if you struggle and strain beneath them and even if you don’t come up with a complete answer, at least you’re starting to sketch the dream forwards.

You don’t have to do any of this alone. Just as we cannot see the new moon, we still have access to her energy. Your resolved ancestors and spirit guides are hidden to your eyes but that doesn’t mean they have abandoned you. The angels are trying to send you messages all the time. Libra is the sign of relationships and this new moon is a reminder that your connections need to be tended regularly, with spirit, with this planet, with your friends, with your ancestors, with your living family and MOST IMPORTANTLY with yourself.


If you do only one thing to honor the new moon today, carve out a few moments to sit quietly, turn off the lights. Find your core, your deepest heart and from that place call out into the invisible world and invite your ancestral helping spirits to support you in your daily life, reconnect with the guides who have been silently shepherding you through life. Do one thing, large or small, to breathe new life into your exchange with this planet we call home. Libra new moon wants to remind us that our lives are built from relationships, they are the very foundation of what it means to be human. So clean out the alignments that are no longer sacred and serving you, clean up the bonds that you have taken for granted or ignored, and remember that just by acknowledging the dark new moon you are deepening your own relationship with her, with the great mystery and with your own unique magic.

Solar Eclipse Advice

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Even if you're one of those people that have trouble feeling energy, or you don't think you have the capacity to do it, or you just don't believe in that shit… Today would be a day where you could change your mind about all of it. The energies in the sky are palpable today and if you give yourself permission you can feel them! Let yourself touch the energy of this eclipse. Let it touch you and transform your whole being. Even if you just close your eyes for five minutes and observe what you feel, I can pretty much guarantee it will be worth it. Happy eclipse day my soul brothers and sisters! XOXO ▪️▪️▪️ #eclipse #sun #moon #energy #healing #healer #transformation #shift #dream #expand #heal #yoga #yogi #astrology #spirit #change #ceremony #meditation #magic

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Restore and Renew this Friday!


FRIDAY NIGHT, AN OPPORTUNITY TO LOVE YOURSELF! This beautiful man played the crystal singing bowls at our wedding (pictured here) and he’s going to play them this Friday night from 9-10:30 PM while I guide you through a super relaxing restorative yoga journey. If you’ve never experienced a soundbath or restorative yoga, you are in for such a treat. These are pretty much my two favorite things in the world (besides my husband and my pup and Cher) and with the energies of this week being locotown (Is that a word? It is now.) admit it, you need it. Restorative yoga is basically a nap with tons of pillows and blankets, it allows the body to release long stored tension and it lulls you into a dreamy state of consciousness, perfect for receiving intuitive messages or just letting go! I too have been feeling the sadness and the anger around the events of this week and weekend, but if we don’t take time to nurture ourselves deeply we will be of no use for the fight in the coming weeks. Before you reach for a joint, or a whiskey cocktail, reach for your own heart. There is peace waiting for you if you can sink into it. And if you need help finding stillness and sweetness, that’s what this Friday night is all about! And you can still have that cocktail afterwards! Don’t let the madness wear you down my loves, we have a long road ahead of us and we must not get neglectful of our self care. And if you sign up before Friday it’s only $20, which frankly is a steal. I look forward to sharing this gorgeousness with you!

Full Moon in Weirdo + Eclipse

Eclipses take things away.  And it’s not just the light of the sun or moon.  Sometimes it’s your favorite toy, sometimes it’s that cross you’ve been carrying for years.  The energy of this eclipse on Monday AT 11:22 AM is going to remove something that’s been standing in your way for a long time. What it takes away is not entirely up to you, but you will feel the relief of moving more deeply into your authenticity without so much internal resistance– as if that voice in your head that always said: Follow the rules, be a good girl, conform– has flown the coop for good.
If you have an Aquarius in your life, then you are already aware that they are weirdos.  I should know, I am one.  The energy of Aquarius is the energy of Oprah, of collective healing, of eccentricity and innovation, and most of all DISRUPTING THE PATTERN– and that is where our Full Moon falls THIS Monday morning AT 11:11 AM.  Here’s what it’s asking: Are you ready to disrupt your own pattern?  Are you ready to finally be the glorious weirdo that you are?  Aquarians want to heal the world, just like Oprah– and granted there is a shit ton in the world that needs healing right now.  But our Sun is in Leo, which is the sign of me-me-me.  So where does that leave us?  Somewhere magical.
Here’s the message that’s been coming through loud and clear this week: NOURISHING YOURSELF IS NOURISHING OTHERS.  When you do you, in the purest most unique way– those around you can’t help but receive benefit.  So that’s what’s being drawn out of you with these full moon/eclipse energies.  It’s a chance to claim your life in the most FEROCIOUS way possible, and trust that by marching to the beat of your own drummer, we all get inspired and healed by your courage and uniqueness to dance your own dance.
Trust that this eclipse on Monday is truly freeing you up to embrace yourself completely.  This is BIG MEDICINE if you can take it– stop holding back, apologizing, censoring yourself.  The more you can give yourself permission to be yourself, unapologetically, warts and all– the more this world will receive the blessing that is you.  You know, in my life I’ve recently been allowing myself to be the spiritual weirdo that I am in all realms of my life.  I’m no longer teaching to the most closed off person in the room, I’m teaching to the most open person in the room. Even when I teach Pilates, I’m still talking about Chakras and spirit guides and not holding back– and you know what?  It’s making my life a whole lot easier and more fun, and frankly I think my students are appreciating it too.  So where in your life are you not being totally yourself?  How can you give yourself permission to let go and trust that WHO YOU ARE is EXACTLY what is needed WHEREVER YOU ARE.

Do you not know already that you are a walking prayer?  Your whole being is a blessing– and if you don’t shine like only you can shine, we all miss out.  Aquarius and Leo are polar opposites, but they are also opposite sides of the same coin.  When you cast yourself as the star of your own show (LEO) we all get to watch really good TV (AQUARIUS).  So what are you waiting for?  Sacrifice playing it safe and keeping everyone comfortable and get WEIRD with yourself.  It’ll feel so good and it’ll inspire those around you to do the same.  This eclipse is going to help you, it’ll take away some of your fear and judgement and resistance– but it wont do it for you.  Take a deep breath on Monday morning, then leap into the inferno of your own unique genius and burn burn burn.  See you in crazy town my loves, I’ll be the one dancing naked in the firelight.



Coming Up in August

If you’ve never taken a restorative yoga class you are in for a real treat and if you’ve never been in a soundbath before, please prepare to have your mind blown.  Putting these two modalities together has always been a dream of mine and I’m so excited to offer this opportunity for ultimate relaxation and renewal. And with Mercury in retrograde we are ALL GONNA NEED IT! Treat yourself and join us!  

The Full Moon is in Aquarius this month and as an Aquarius I couldn’t be more excited.  If you’ve never come to one of our Full Moon Ceremony/Workshops this would be the one to come to– we combine all sorts of healing modalities: yoga, crystals, breathwork, energy clearing and Shamanic Journeying to help you achieve those AH HA breakthrough moments you’ve been craving!

Chakra Safari for the Energy Being


Let’s take a safari, shall we?

Not of exotic animals, but exotic energies– let me guide you through the wilds of your energy body and give you a little introduction to your Chakras.

Ok, so truth be told there are actually hundreds of Chakras throughout your body– but let’s not get carried away.  The seven main Chakras that run along your spine (from tailbone to top of skull) are a great way to begin to understand your energy.  And that’s exactly why YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT YOUR CHAKRAS IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Because nobody has reminded us that we are energy beings, and nobody taught us in Kindergarten how to manage our own energies.  So I’m going to remind you who you really are and break it down for you right here:

  • Everything in the universe is energy.  Yes, everything.
  • We are energy beings and as such we are affected by the energies around us.
  • The structure you live in, places you visit, people you interact with, objects you handle, all of these different energies can affect your energy field, positively and negatively.

Think about this for a moment.  Can you remember a time when you felt peaceful or soothed by a person or a location or an object?  I bet you can.  You couldn’t explain it but your energy responded very positively to the energy of that person/place/thing.  Conversely I bet you can remember a time when you felt a powerful need to get the fuck away from a person or a place or even a thing.  What is that about it?  It’s your energy field, reading the energy of what is around you; choosing to interact with it or get away from it.  IT IS ALL ENERGY.  And the more you can come to understand that, the more you will start to THRIVE AS AN ENERGY BEING IN AN ENERGY WORLD.


So this is where the Chakras come in.  They are a great tool to help you on the path of understanding your energy.  And for my money, that’s why we are here.  We came to this planet to understand our energy as deeply as possible and make the most of it.  Each of us have a unique energetic imprint that will never be repeated and the more intimately we know it, the more power we have to bring our unique gifts into the world.  Now there are other energies beyond the Chakras that compose our particular energy blueprint, and at some point I will write a post elucidating what those are.  But for now let’s explore the seven main energy centers in our own bodies that form the foundation of our energy field AKA the core of who we are.

As you read on and visualize your Chakras try not to think of them as little orbs inside yourself.  Rather imagine them as large spheres of light that surround a particular part of your being.  Your physical body actually exists inside the Chakras.  The same way your computer exists inside the Wi-Fi network.  The Wi-Fi isn’t in your computer, it surrounds your computer.  Your Chakras are individual energy fields that surround you and together they compose the great symphony of your complete energy body. The word Chakra itself means WHEEL or DISC in Sanskrit.  And that’s a great way to see these energies, as giant wheels of light that you orbit within.  When the wheels get stuck or stagnant, you feel it because you are inside it.  When the wheels are moving freely and vibrating strongly, you feel that freedom and power.  In addition to explaining a little about the Chakras, I will also include the elements, affirmations, colors and days of the week associated with them.  But keep in mind this is all very personal.  If the color, or the day of the week or the element doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to explore what will!  When it comes to working with the invisible world there is no one size fits all, it always comes back to what works best for you!

Also, I realize this is A SHIT TON OF INFORMATION, so feel free to read this post slowly, in doses.  Or read it all and once and then return to the individual Chakras one day at a time and let yourself marinate and explore.  It’s good to understand this information with your mind, but more importantly you need to understand it with your body and your heart.  The more you work to feel these energies the more they will work for you.  How do you work to feel these energies?  Good question.  At the end of the Sixth Chakra explanation I have included a visualization exercise to help you get started– so be on the lookout for that!

Alright enough overture here, put on your most glamorous safari gear and pull out your binoculars because here we gooooooooo.


Element of EARTH.  Ruby Red or Brown in color.  Monday.

Your first Chakra is all about grounding. It’s about your right to be here, in your body, on this planet, at this time. There’s a misunderstanding that living a spiritual life means disconnecting from the physical. But the truth is your body is a spiritual tool to help you manifest your purpose. Personally, I find the body more valuable than the mind because the body never lies and the mind is a sneaky weasel, am I right? I want to encourage you to get grounded in your body right at the start of your week. I want you to feel your feet on the floor and remember that you grew out of this Earth the same way a tree or a mountain emerges. 

This energy center surrounds your tailbone, the base of your spine, and works its way down your legs.  This is the Chakra that establishes your grounding cord and helps you get present.  It’s also about getting your most basic needs met.  You need food, you need water, you need a safe place to sleep and wash yourself and relax.  The Root Chakra is the energy center that helps you establish these primal needs.

The first Chakra is about the refuge of your body.  What is your relationship to living inside this beautiful machine that is your temporary home?  Are you able to feel peace within it?  When things get crazy in your life (like all the time) can you return to it and find peace in the midst of a storm?  What are you doing to cultivate relationship with your body every day? Your body is a clue from your soul, about the work you came here to do and how to go about making it your reality. And life is all about your own reality. So stop listening to other voices, even some of the ones in your own head. When it comes to working with this energy center, the only voice you should concern yourself  is the soft strong voice of your beautiful body.


  • I am grounded.
  • I have a right to be here.
  • It is safe for me to be in my body.


Element of WATER.  Orange in color.  Tuesday.

Moving right along to your Sacral Chakra, a complex energy center that radiates out from the sacred bowl of your pelvis. This is known as your second Chakra and it’s a doozy.  Frankly I could teach a whole seminar on just this Chakra but suffice to say this energy center is all about how you deal with:

  • your sexuality
  • emotional life
  • issues with food
  • creativity and art
  • your relationship to money

It’s a lot, I know.  Are you spinning yet?  If you are, don’t panic! You’re totally not alone.  Basically this energy center involves all the juicy stuff of being alive– which is why almost everyone has some healing to do here, myself included.  The element associated with this energy center is water– because water is a symbol of emotion, and creation (think about the womb), but there’s fire here too! This energy center ignites your passion for life and can illuminate the reasons why you came to this planet in the first place.  Sacral Chakra energy is all about PASSION and PLEASURE, and seeking more of it in your life!  To me the photo above really represents the Sacral Chakra, where water and fire dance with each other and light up the sky. Ask yourself: What moves you? What makes your body sing? What gets you fired up? These are the questions your Sacral Chakra can help you answer. When you have a fire in your belly, a gut feeling, an ache in your loins or get struck by a lightening bolt of creativity this is you tuning in to your Sacral Chakra turning on.

If your Root Chakra is about your right to be here, getting yourself grounded and your survival needs met, your Sacral Chakra is about what happens next.  How are you going to make the most of your one lifetime in this body, with this one heart, in this magical world? I don’t mean how are you going to make the most money, or get the most famous– – or even what will get you remembered when you are gone. I’m talking about your deepest interests and passions. The weird and wacky things that make you tick are the residents of your Sacral Chakra; so get to know them and embrace them– they are you!  Remember the Chakras are tools to help you understand your own unique energy, so when you meet them you are always meeting yourself.


  • I am a sensual and creative being.
  • I have tons of passion.
  • It is safe for me to experience pleasure.



Element of FIRE.  Yellow in color.  Wednesday.

Your third Chakra is the white hot sun of your self-esteem. This energy center asks: Do you know your true value? Have you been giving yourself away too cheaply? Are you ready to claim your worth? The Solar Plexus Chakra is the area of your body between your lower ribs and your upper hips, your core. Your core muscles support the spinal column, and this Chakra supports your whole energy system with its pure fire that transforms obstacles into allies and gives you the courage to manifest your dreams. It is your will center, the drill sergeant of your discipline, the supreme warrior.  Consider, do setbacks just stall you or do they stop you completely? If you have trouble finishing what you start, or moving forwards even (especially) when things don’t go your way, maybe your Solar Plexus Chakra needs a little love. Do you remember that episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte had to defend her right to quit her job and she shouted at Miranda: I choose my choice, I choose my choice! Now THAT is some Third Chakra realness right there.

The color commonly associated with this Chakra is yellow, like golden sunlight. And it’s no coincidence this Chakra is named the SOLAR plexus; think of it as the sun energy of your own system. The more you engage with this energy center the more POWERFUL you will feel. Imagine the heat of the desert at high noon, the electricity of that intense energy crackling across oceans of sand THAT is just the beginning of what this Chakra can do. You are so much more powerful than you know, and this third energy center is the gateway.  Within the Solar Plexus is your ego, your personality, your identity.  It is the house of your unique spirit, the energy that drives you forward!

Think about this way, after you’ve uncovered the passions, pleasures and purpose of your life how do you go about manifesting them?  Your Sacral Chakra doesn’t make things happen, it feels things deeply.  It’s this third Chakra that constructs the reality you want to live in.  This is the energy of waking up day after day and building your dreams brick by brick, even when you’re tired, even when it’s raining, even on the Fourth of July.  Maybe you have lots of dreams and passions but you doubt yourself.  This is the energy center that births confidence in oneself and ones purpose.  So if you’re in the midst of a self-pity party, throw everyone out and spend some quality one-on-one time with your Solar Plexus Chakra.


  • I feel my power fully.
  • I am worthy of the life I want.
  • I choose my choice.




Element of AIR.  Green in color.  Thursday.

Yes, I just posted a selfie as the photo for this Chakra because your all Heart Chakra is about looooooving yourself.  Most people assume this energy center is about love, and that is correct. But it’s not about romantic love, that would be more connected to your Sacral Chakra. The fourth Chakra is about seeing the world through love, starting with yourself. A wise sage (ie. RuPaul) once said: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” And this energy center allows for our capacity to feel  that deep universal love for our own being. When you spend any time in the temple of your heart, you will start to experience the joy, the privilege, the supreme BLESSING that it is to be you– for no other reason than THAT YOU ARE HERE!  

This energy center is unique among your other Chakras because it sits right in the middle of your Chakra system.  The lower three energy centers are about your material reality, the upper three are about spirit and source.  Your expansive heart is powerful enough to bridge this gap between the physical world and the invisible world.  This Chakra, your human heart, is able to hold all things, no matter how opposite they seem and connect them with love.  Duality doesn’t exist in this energy center, only the source of love from which all energies and obstacles originate.

The energy of your heart moves down the meridian lines of your arms and out your hands.  That’s why when someone cooks with love you can taste it, when someone paints with love you can feel it, when someone writes with love you know it.  The front of this energy center is related to how you give love, the back of your heart (your spiritual heart) is related to how you receive love.  Generally people have a knack for one and struggle with the other.  So take a moment and consider: Are you more apt at giving love or receiving love?  A truly open Heart Chakra means you are able to practice both with ease and joy.  Are you able to accept compliments and hugs and congratulations?  Or do you resist and deny.  Are you comfortable giving hugs and telling people you love them? Or do you shrink?  Above all contemplate this: Where is the LOVE in your life?  And ideally it starts with yourself.

Your heart center also contains a powerful secret. It holds the blueprint to why you are here. The more you feel into this dimension of your being, the more your heart will start to illuminate the path of your soul’s true purpose. Within your heart are the unique gifts that ONLY YOU can manifest in this world and the world needs your gifts badly. Take some time today to ask your heart what those gifts are. The more you can feel love for yourself, the more you will start to trust your rare brand of genius.  Your heart Chakra is associated with the color green and the element of air and therefore deeply connected to nature. Spending time outside can help you engage with this energy center more fully. When you come to see yourself as a natural creation, like a tree or a mountain, you can start to have reverence and wonder for yourself. You can start to feel your interconnectedness to the great web of life. The wisdom of the heart Chakra is that we are all one family that emanated from one pure source. The separation we feel is an illusion. When you see through your heart, everyone is your mirror and everyone is worthy of love and respect.


  • I AM LOVE.
  • I give and receive love fearlessly.
  • I allow the abundance of the universe to pour into my heart.




Element of SOUND.  Blue in color.  Friday.

The Throat Chakra is the cool blue energy center of your own expression. Do you feel free to speak your mind, speak your truth, speak up for yourself? If not you may have an under-active Fifth Chakra. The theme of this energy center is about claiming your voice! You have a right to be heard, your point of view is valid and it’s vital it be shared– now, RIGHT NOW. We are living in a time when our world is starving for fresh voices, new stories need to be told. If you have been holding your story back, stop it! Because we are all missing out! Your Throat Chakra wants to help you restore agency in your life.  How?   By sharing the story of your own unique journey and doing so with vulnerability and authenticity. No matter how uncomfortable or exposed you feel. The more transparent you can be about your life experience, the more you can share the deepest truth of your human struggles– the more people will be able to relate to you. The more heard and seen you will feel.

The Throat Chakra is not who you pretend to be when you’re around your family, or who you try to be at the workplace. The Throat Chakra is not about your carefully crafted Instagram or your picture perfect Pinterest. Your Throat Chakra is about real communication, expressing the truth that always comes from the heart– even when it’s messy or ugly or scary. The question this Chakra asks is: Can you speak the truth with love? Are you ready to give voice to those things longing to move through you?  This Chakra is directly connected to your Sacral Chakra (the house of your creativity and passion).  I bet there’s a book, or a screenplay, or a painting or a song just waiting to be freed from within you. So what are you waiting for?  Let this energy center help you EXPRESS YOURSELF before your REPRESS YOURSELF. And the fact is the more you give yourself permission to express yourself without judgment, the better you will feel!

This energy center also carries a gift. The gift is called Clairaudience. This means being able to hear messages from the invisible world. When this Chakra is turned on, you will be able to write and speak and hear things you didn’t know you knew. Speak up and speak out today, and you’ll be surprised at what comes through!  We have lots of voices in our heads, that doesn’t make us crazy– it makes us human.  The voices that speak negatively and confirm our doubts are not the real voices– stop giving them your attention.  Instead start to acknowledge and honor the quieter voices inside yourself that speak to your magnificent abilities and your infinite potential.  You are psychic, you are gifted, you are ready to let the world hear your heart’s true song– right now.  You don’t need more training, you don’t need more time– all you need is to take a deep breath and leap forwards.  Your future self is ready to catch you and the world is waiting for your gorgeous and unique offerings.


  • It is safe to express myself.
  • I have a right to be heard.
  • I always tell the truth with love.




Element of LIGHT and DARK.  Purple in color.  Saturday.

The Sixth Chakra is your gateway to the mystical. If you were to see this world through the eyes of spirit you would be looking out your third eye. This is the energy center where your intuition resides. So much of life cannot be seen with our two eyes. That is why we have a third eye, so we can perceive the true nature of this reality. You use this energy center all the time and probably didn’t know it. When you shift into the world of your dreams, practice visualization, meditate, or enter into any altered state you are engaging with your third eye.

People generally assume the third eye is the place where your eyebrows meet, but I experience my third eye in the back of my skull. And again I want to encourage you to think of all your Chakras as energy fields that surround your body, not little orbs inside yourself. Tapping into this Chakra establishes relationship with your inner visionary. We all have the ability to see into the future, to imagine a better world, to dream an enormous dream. Your Sixth Chakra isn’t bound by space and time and therefore it can see things your mind can’t entirely comprehend. That’s why you might already be realizing you see visions but don’t know what to make of them. The gift of psychic seeing is called Clairvoyance and it is connected to the third eye (it’s also connected to your Heart Charka as well– seeing the truth with love). Your mind may not be able to help you make sense of these images, but your heart can! Don’t think into your grand visions, feel into them.

The Third Eye sees inside, working with it you can learn how to see more deeply into yourself. If you’re struggling to gain clarity in some realm of your life, reach inward to this energy center and see what light it can shed. This Sixth Chakra is commonly associated with the color Indigo or Purple, and it’s related to visualization and seeing energy here’s… so here’s an exercise to help you actively turn on this energy center.

CHAKRA ACTIVATION EXERCISE:  To get started imagine a purple ball of light in the center of your skull, about the size of an orange. As you inhale, this ball of light expands, growing larger than your head and glowing more brightly– maybe even burning white hot. As you exhale, it contracts and dims and cools.

Try this for a few minutes a day and see what happens to your intuitive powers!  This simple visualization exercise can be applied to any of your Chakras.  Pick a color, visualize this ball of light in the center of your Chakra and as you inhale allow it to expand to the outer boundaries of that energy field, glowing brighter, gathering intensity.  As you exhale, let it contract back to it’s innermost point, dimming and cooling.  Doing this even just three minutes a day can make a huge difference– try it and let me know what happens.  Seriously, try it.  What do you have to lose?  Three minutes?  Worst case scenario, nothing changes.  Best case scenario, your whole life changes!


  • My spiritual vision is clear.
  • It is safe for me to see the truth.
  • I have complete trust in my intuition.




Element of ENERGY/CONSCIOUSNESS.  Violet, White or Gold in color.  Sunday.

Your Seventh Chakra is your Crown Chakra and it has one function: To connect you with source energy. However you know it, by whatever name you call it, this energy center is your direct channel to the highest power of the universe. You can call it Jesus, Mohammed, the Universe, Big Mama Ocean or Great Grandfather Fire.  You can worship the moon, the desert, a giant redwood tree, it truly doesn’t matter what you worship so long as you begin to connect with the source of all that is.  This Chakra reminds us there are forces bigger than just our life and we can connect with them whenever we desire. There are many colors associated with this energy center, from Violet to Gold to Silver to White to even Rainbow. When you gaze out over the ocean, when you take in a sunset, when you bear witness to the miracles of the animal kingdom you are experiencing your Crown Chakra come alive!

I have come to discover the quickest way to activate this energy center, is to move into gratitude. Whenever you start to feel thankful for something, this Chakra lights up like a Christmas tree. Gratitude is a gateway. By appreciating what is already around you, you start to step through a portal into all that is possible. On Sundays I engage with this Chakra by trying to see the universe in everyone and everything and by trying to be grateful for WHATEVER presents itself. The gift an open Crown Chakra gives is the soulful reminder that we are all connected. We are all drops from the divine ocean! Separation is an illusion, even though we have physical bodies that keep us as individuals– the truth is we are exquisitely united at all times through universal consciousness: THIS IS THE BASIC LEVEL OF CONECTION.  We are all energy and we are linked.  Your Crown Chakra is the gateway into the Great Mystery, the Void, the endless ocean our timeless existence.  When you can rest in the energy of this Chakra you are living a life of TRUST, FAITH and GRATITUDE.

Opening up your Crown Chakra also makes you available to divine wisdom.  The gift of this energy center is called Clairsentience, psychic feeling or sensing– essentially being able to feel others emotions, thoughts or energy is connected to this gift.  This energy center can also connect you to other realms (angelic, ascended masters, etc.) and other dimensions.  When you allow yourself to connect to other energies BEYOND your intellectual understanding, you will be amazed at what you KNOW.  It’s not uncommon for human beings to download huge amounts of information all at once from other sources; so if you’re ready to receive ancient wisdom start to tap into your Crown Chakra, especially before bed– dream time is the perfect time to receive divine wisdom.  In this way we come to understand that we are grounded not just into the heart center of this planet, we are cosmically anchored to the highest power of the universe.  We are the bridge between worlds.  That’s one of the most special things about being a human being, we are the meeting place between Earth and Sky– only through us can Earth touch Heaven, and only in us can Heaven connect to Earth.  So remember that the next time you’re feeling down on yourself!!!


  • I am connected to the divine.
  • It is safe for me to let go.
  • I am open to the abundance of the universe.



So here we are, at the end of our Chakra Safari.  Use this guide as a trusty map to your own inner landscape and refer to it regularly.  the more you begin to explore your Chakras, the more they will reveal themselves to you.  And remember, every energy center you engage with is you. This is just another way to meet yourself and that’s why you’re here: to know yourself intimately and thoroughly.  Know thyself and to thine own self be true.  We have to stop being so concerned with other people’s opinions of ourselves as our prime motivator in life.  The more you can engage and honor your deeper self, the more independent and empowered you will feel.  As always, I am here for you to answer any questions, concerns or to help you move into these deeper realms of yourself.

xoxox, Brandon

Full Moon Capricorn

full-moon-in-cap-1Full Moon in Capricorn is about dreaming big. It’s about turning on the ignition of your ambition. This moon marks the midpoint of our year, so it’s a reminder to check in with your goals. How are you doing on the path to achieving them? Maybe the goals need to be reconfigured to align with what’s happened since January. Maybe you didn’t have goals in the first place and now you need some. Either way, these next next 72 hours are about the energy of achievement. WHAT DO YOU TRULY WANT (there are no right answers here) and HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET THERE? The how will always involve work. Nothing comes without work. But that’s not a problem because Capricorns like working hard, so long as it’s leading them somewhere worth going.


This moon also marks a bigger shift for us elementally and astrologically. We are moving out of the water of Cancer and into the fire of Leo. Water and Fire are opposites which means this transition can feel a little challenging at times. We are being encouraged to step out of the ocean of our emotions and dreams in order to engage with the sweeping desert of our passion, courage and excitement. Tapping into fire will be the KEY to making your Full Moon dreams a reality. Magic exists in this world but it is only as powerful as the work you put into your life. You can’t just sit there and make a wish on the moon to become rich (I mean you can, it’s your life, but nothing will happen). Instead you gotta eat, breathe, sleep Fire Energy; you gotta let the moon inspire you to get off your butt and start manifesting.


When it comes to manifesting, you call the shots. And that’s what the Capricorn Full Moon reminds us: We Are the Bosses of Our Own Lives. If you’ve been having difficultly making things happen in your life, perhaps you’ve forgotten this. Perhaps you’ve given your power away to someone, or something else. Perhaps you don’t really believe in yourself or your dreams. THE SECRET IS THIS: UNTIL YOU TRULY BELIEVE YOU DESERVE IT, YOU WONT MAKE IT HAPPEN. So where are you getting in your own way? What sneaky piece of yourself is still doubting your genius? Where are you not fully on board with yourself? The sooner you can identify and release your inner-saboteur, the sooner your life is about to become abundant, blissful and WHOLLY YOURS.

Lots of love,

The Breath

deep-breathEarlier this year I was completely stuck.  It wasn’t a depression.  It wasn’t a crisis.  It was more like all my dreams had turned to dust.  I didn’t know who I was; I didn’t know how I got here– life felt like one giant disappointment.  I would go to sleep early and still wake up exhausted, feeling beat down by the universe.  My past weighed on me like cement boots and I couldn’t even take one step forwards.   My entire life had shrink wrapped around me and I was suffocating.  Where was my enthusiasm for living?  What had happened to my sense of expansiveness and optimism?  I had a beautiful new husband, the world’s cutest dog, friends who adored me– but I was deep in despair.  At my core I knew something had to change, but what?  In an effort to gain some clarity I made a commitment January 1st to stop hiding from my heart and face ALL MY FEELINGS, all the time.  It wasn’t easy and it certainly wasn’t pretty (ask my poor husband), but it was the best thing I ever did.  feeling-stuck

When I finally brought my emotional body out of the closet, I realized I’d been feeling sad and hopeless for years now.  And underneath all that was the shocking and painful understanding that I didn’t believe in myself anymore.  I didn’t trust there was a place for me in this world.  Even though I didn’t exhibit it daily, lurking behind my positive attitude and energetic exterior– there was a lot of shame, self-doubt, and feeling like a victim– not to mention a slew of being mean to myself for no good reason.   Then something magical happened, the universe led me to discover David Elliot’s two-part breath.  This is a simple breathing technique that completely changed me from the inside out.  As soon as I stumbled upon the breath, I started practicing it daily.  Within months all of these problematic self-defeating energies vanished.520661be93d11175376b34d1e6bec8d1

Sounds too good to be true right?  Well listen, I’d been doing work on myself for a while.  I had been in therapy for years (and still am).  I had gotten real good at identifying what was in my way.  Intellectually I understood my issues but I still couldn’t get those ah-ha moments to result in actual CHANGES TO MY LIFE.  That was part of why I felt so stuck: I knew better, but I couldn’t do better.  That’s exactly where the breath came in.  It helped me release the old patterns so they no longer ran my life, and ran me into the ground.  This crazy powerful breath completely bypasses your sneaky ego, which loves to lie to you, and brings attention to where old crap is stuck in your body.  Where awareness goes, energy flows; once the breath discovers your energy blocks it immediately starts to clear them out.  The result?   You are free.  You are no longer a victim of outdated stories, thought-patterns and/or belief systems.  It’s not a replacement for therapy, but in my experience it proved a more accelerated way to stop making the same mistakes.  breathe

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I want to help you.  I know there’s a lot of you out there feeling as stuck as I was.  This is a simple practice that works!  Take it from me, I’ve tried everything: psychics, mediums, yoga, so much therapy, exercise, meditation, etc. and they all worked for a while (and to be fair, I still practice yoga and meditate every day).  But the breath helped me actually shift into A NEW WAY OF BEING more rapidly and intensely than anything else.  It’s not easy and it’s not pain-free; but it is beautiful and effective.  And I want to help you experience it.  The breath found me and brought me back into alignment and it CAN and it WILL do the same for you.  It’s not a quick fix, and it doesn’t happen all at once.  But it puts you on a path to healing like nothing I’ve ever known.breathSo if you’re ready to really change your life, instead of just talking about it, please reach out to me.  I’m opening up the spirit room in my house as a sanctuary for healing and all are welcome– even skeptics!  I’ve just returned from a retreat in New Mexico where I was certified to facilitate this sort of work and I’m truly passionate about sharing it with you.  If this post has awakened something in you, trust your gut and contact me– we can work in person OR (believe it or not) over Skype.  In fact sometimes the most powerful sessions can happen we we don’t share the same physical space.  Your real life is waiting for you and the breath is ready to connect you with it!  And if you want more information check out this article from earlier this month: Breathwork is Trending (and It Could Change Your Whole Life).  Sending love to you wherever you are!