Group Sessions

Beach-ChairsWould your employees benefit from lunchtime meditation or post work Pilates?

Do you have a group of friends you want to sweat with on a weekend?

Are you looking for a team-building workshop that will really resonate?

I offer a range of group classes for corporate environments or just in your backyard.


All  classes are personally tailored for your needs.
These are jumping off points of what can be offered.

Pilates Mat Class
This workout draws from Pilates principles to simultaneously lengthen, strengthen and sculpt your whole body from the inside out. Upbeat and set to motivating music, each class is different but the methodology is the same; slow graceful movements, powerful three-dimensional breathing and spinal-consciousness make for an enlightening and invigorating experience. Discover how fun fitness can be and how quickly your body can change when you find your true alignment!

Yoga Flow
A fun and vigorous Hatha/Vinyasa based practice that starts slow and then builds heat by linking poses with sun salutations. We explore back-bends, deep holds and inversions, staying within your comfort level and working with your breath to help heal your body. Yoga doesn’t just make you feel good; it makes you look good too!


Chakra Stretch
A moving meditation for the overworked and overwrought. This gentle yoga practice works with the energy centers of the body (aka Chakras) and is more stretch than sweat. Over the journey of an hour, we will tap into the inner wisdom of the body and learn how to listen to our muscles, joints and bones. Every experience you’ve ever had is stored somewhere in your body. Learn how to let go at the source of your tension, release physical and energetic blockages and feel renewed.

Music and Meditation
For those that are afraid to meditate, don’t know how, or just need a little encouragement. This class can help deepen your current meditation practice or teach you how for the very first time. Learn how to touch stillness with breath work, imagery and music that will help you get comfortable with silence and surrender to your own inner wisdom and peace.

Group Healing
Sometimes healing is more powerful when we do it together.  This one hour breathwork practice  will change your whole life. The breath identifies where energy is stuck in the body and immediately begins clearing it out for a profound release of body, mind, heart and spirit.  It activates and aligns the chakras and the surplus of oxygen alkalizes your blood allowing theta states of relaxation, clarity, connection and bliss.  Finishes with grounding and a guided meditation to integrate your experience.


Rates (sessions run approx. 70 minutes):

Small Group Class:

Up to ten students/250 per session.

Medium Group Class:

Up to twenty students/400 per session.

Large Group Class:

Up to forty students/600 per session.




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