What Happens in a Healing


Greetings from the High Desert.  My husband, our good friend Sarah and I have been out here for a few nights, mainly to celebrate the equinox (which happened on Saturday) and also to recharge our batteries.  It’s been mostly restorative, lots of quiet time, hot tub time, Tarot card spreads, delicious veggie heavy meals, and cuddles with the dog.   But I have to be honest, this full moon in Aries is spicy as fuck.  It’s not a gentle moon, it’s a feisty one and I have been feeling it.

Today I went for a high powered wander through the desert and found myself scurrying up a large rock face.  I took my time but I was definitely flirting with danger.  When I finally found a comfortable seat, high above the vast sandy flats, dotted with Joshua Trees, I realized I had all of this pent up anger.  I screamed, not once, not twice but three huge primal yells.  And each time I challenged myself to hold back less, to give it all away.  My voice echoed throughout the canyon.  And I remembered how good it feels to let go.

We all have anger. And it’s only a problem if we let it fester. This full moon in Aries wants us to express it, all the way.  The thing is, where we don’t allow ourselves to feel the truth of our lives, we literally stop our lives from moving forward.  So even though anger isn’t a fun thing to feel (or despair, or disappointment, etc.) it’s vital we do so.

In just a little bit, this Full Moon will be at it’s full power (6:55 PM, pacific time).  But you can work with it for the next 24-48 hours.  So if you are feeling feisty as fuck today (or this past weekend) or this coming week, now you know why.  You are feeling this Aries full moon.  Maybe you’re ready to burn some bridges, to tell some people off, to claim your rightful anger.  Now I’m not suggesting you do anything you will regret.  But sometimes we have to get all hot and bothered in order to finally do the hard work required to fix our lives.  If you’re fed up, if you have had it, this moon is a chance to step forwards on your path.  You don’t have to yell out into a canyon, but I would suggest beating the shit out of your pillow, screaming into your hands, going for a long run.  If you don’t use all this fire energy in the sky, it will use you, and that may not be pretty.

In the interest of helping you start to release your anger or any other emotions that have been holding you back, I encourage you to see me for one-on-one healing.  I know a lot of you might not know what the hell “healing” is or what it entails.  So please read below a little piece I wrote last week entitled: What Happens in a Healing.


I can feel you wondering.  You’re curious but you’re also scared. That’s ok. Trying something new brings up all sorts of resistance.  Resistance is what I call the energy that wants to keep you stuck.  Maybe your Ego generates it, maybe it’s just a force in the world like gravity.  But whenever you want to make a change, the resistance crops up.

Even once you get here the resistance may still cling to you.

You may think: What the hell am I doing here?  Why did I spend my time and money to come and lay on this stranger’s floor and breathe?  Again, this is the resistance pulling out the big guns, it knows you’re about to break through something. Something old. Something ancient even. Something that’s been holding you back.  But once you start breathing I can help you overcome the resistance. I have crystals. I have oils. I have tricks up my sleeve.  And for at least an hour, the crafty resistance is unable to assert any power over you.

This work doesn’t have to be done in person.  I have a kooky Aquarius belief that all of time and space is happening at once, so even if you’re on the other side of the world, we can work together through the spirit of technology (ie. Skype/Zoom/FaceTime) and the remote sessions I facilitate are JUST AS POWERFUL as the in person sessions, for real. But let’s assume I’m seeing you in person.  When you come over for a healing, you will first be greeted by my very barky dog Noche (see picture).  Who you will love.  He will bark at you until you crouch down and greet him properly. Then he will become your new best friend.  I will offer you water. I’ll ask you to take off your shoes. And then all three of us (yes, Noche comes too) head into the spirit room, which is what I call the second bedroom that my husband and I have magicked into a vortex of healing.

You’ll sit in a very old peach chair (also pictured) that used to belong to my grandmother.  It’s gorgeous and I’m never getting rid of it. And then I’ll ask you to tell me what’s going on in your heart. I’ll listen as you tell me where you’re blocked or angry as hell or whatever needs to be said out loud. I’ll listen and together we will figure out the intention for your session.  Even though the breath itself may have it’s own agenda.  Then I teach you the breath, it’s simple and powerful as fuck.

You will lay down and you will breathe. If you’re cold I’ll put any number of beautiful southwest patterned blankets on you (again, also pictured). There’s a killer playlist to help you power through the resistance. You’ll laugh, you’ll scream, some people cry. But it’s never the same for anyone.  It’s a chance to return to the purity of your being.  You’ll feel energy.  You may have visions.  But above all you will start to feel less blocked and more connected. Usually you’ll begin to feel more empowered than you have in a while.  But what happens in a healing is hard to describe because it’s mystical and practical all at once.  And I will never share the specifics of anyone’s session because your healing is just that, entirely your own.

So if you’re ready to break through some invisible barrier that’s been making your life feel small, if you’re still curious, and hopefully now a little less confused, please reach out.  And let’s see just how much freedom we can find together in your healing. Noche can’t wait to bark at you and then lick you and eventually help you to heal. And I can’t wait either. XOXO

Two other pieces of exciting info.  Soul Centered Pilates is happening this Saturday the 29th from 3-4 PM and there is room for you!  So sign up quickly.  And TAROT + VINO has Los Angeles dates. Yes, Los Angeles, get ready for three weeks of wine, ancient wisdom and delicious bites.  This will be happening at Spoonfed Kitchen and Bakeshop in Hollywood.

More details will be sent out this week.  But this three week class will be starting on Thursday, October 18th (and continuing the following two Thursdays, October 25th and November 1st from 7-9:30 PM).  So mark your calendars now, and keep your eyes peeled for open registration later this week. I’m going to do a discount for people who sign up early, so don’t sleep on this super fun way to honor your intuition and your tastebuds simultaneously.

Lastly, if you aren’t listening to THE SPIRITUAL GAYZ you are seriously missing out.  Find us on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or Podbean.  Our next episode features superstar writer, actress, producer, living legend and newly minted icon, Lena Waithe, so subscribe now and don’t miss it!  Also, if you could rate us, review us and spread the love we would be so grateful!  Seriously, it takes just a second to give the podcast five stars but that little action means a lot when it comes to promoting the show, getting great guests and more.  So help us help you!

Until next time, I am here to help you on your journey of healing however I can.  Whether that’s an energy healing session, Reiki, a Tarot reading or just the juicy newsletter itself, thank you for opening your heart to me and my teachings.  I hope to serve you however I can.

Lots of love,


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