Full Moon in Boss Bitch

Full disclosure: I have a sweet spot for a moon in Capricorn because I am one.  And I’m in good company too; Cher, Abraham Lincoln, Stevie Nicks and Brad Pitt are all Capricorn moons. But don’t be fooled, this is not necessarily an easy moon placement. Remember that the moon rules our subconscious, our emotional life, our heart. And Capricorn isn’t a sign generally interested in those realms– Capricorns are more interested in world domination, in success at all costs. So you can imagine the challenge of having a moon in Capricorn is that feelings can get pushed aside real quickly, and there’s a tendency for compartmentalization. The silver lining to this this storm cloud is that a Capricorn moon has a way of never letting you see them sweat.  Even when things are completely unraveling, they appear to have it all under control. This composure stems from Capricorn’s sacred relationship to duty. And that is the invitation the Full Moon is rolling out for us this week.
What is bigger than you, that you can give your whole self too? We are in complex and fast-moving times. You can feel it. None of us are allowed to sit on the sidelines and be passive observers anymore. We must continue to step up and create the new world we want to live in. Each and every one of us has a part to play. But until we pick up our power individually, until we claim our unique authority, we will always be letting other people pave the way.
This moon wants you to feel your power in the world. Not for your ego, but for the bigger purpose you serve.  You are a boss. You have to remember that. You have to wake up every day and remind yourself that you are a big deal. You have to tend to your power. Until you do, you will not have the energy necessary to change your world.Maybe you’ve lost touch with that power because you’re not in touch with the bigger purpose you are serving. Don’t freak out, this week is going to reconnect you to your life purpose so you can actually start to be the bad ass you’ve always felt was inside.

We lose our power when we make it all about ourselves. I have a friend who is an incredibly talented opera singer and actress. Truly, her work is always awe-inspiring. But she struggles, as we all do, with putting herself out there. Self promotion isn’t always easy. It can leave us feeling slimy or worse, desperate. But I said to her that she must continue to put herself out there, because it’s not about her, it’s about her unbelievable voice. The world has to hear it. When she gives into insecurity she literally dishonors the gift that is her voice, her talent. Who hasn’t been there? It’s not about ego. It’s about fighting for opportunities to share our gifts with a world that is so hungry for them.
What unique gift can you build your life around? That’s the question to meditate on in the next two weeks. Because that’s where your power comes from. Whatever you decide to dedicate yourself to, will become the source of your power to expand, achieve and transform. At it’s essence, Capricorn is an empire builder. It works hard and dreams big, not for selfish gain but for the sake of the whole wide world.
Saturn, the planet of the planet of responsibility and consequence rules Capricorn.  So it makes sense that Capricorn corresponds to our bones and the skin. Where all the other signs are specific body parts (ie. hands, feet, ankles, etc.), Capricorn is the whole system, it’s the literal foundation. Which I think symbolizes what Capricorn energy is really good at, building structure. I find it really helps to work with your physical body in a disciplined way during this season. When you dedicate yourself to learning proper alignment and getting strong in your body, it will help you lift the heavy weights in your life.
In the spirit of that, I want to offer one-on-one private Yoga + Pilates sessions at a special Capricorn rate of only $100/session (which is frankly, cheap as hell).  Especially if you already have a Yoga practice, or exercise regularly, a little tune up can really make a huge difference in everything else that you do.  Or if you are finally ready to start a physical routine, let me help you design a program that is personalized for you.  The start of Summer is here, and there is no better time to start something than right now!
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