New Moon in Taurus w/ CHER

Tomorrow morning around 4 AM, a new cycle begins.  And I want you to take it.  Whatever has been happening for you this month, or even this year– let it go.  Imagine you could wake up tomorrow and start fresh.  And truly, you can.  A new moon, technically, is when the Sun and the Moon rejoin each other in the sky. So it makes sense that this is a monthly moment when you are INVITED TO REJOIN YOURSELF. It’s a time when you are asked to wipe the slate clean, and meet yourself where you truly are– so that you can begin again.

Because Taurus is a sensual earth sign (that I often associate with Mother Earth herself) this new moon is a profound invitation to renew your whole life, starting with the physical world around you.  This means your body, your bank account and most importantly, your home.   New Moon in Taurus is encouraging you to set yourself right in relationship with Mother Earth. I mean, you live on this planet, honey, so you might as well start developing meaningful exchange with her– because even with Global Warming, she ain’t going nowhere. So I ask you?  When was the last time you got out into nature? When was the last time you truly took in the simple beauty of a sunset, or a cactus flower or your own gorgeous face? Spoiler alert: It’s springtime, babies. All around us things are blooming, things are COMING INTO BEING. The more you can tune into nature, the more you will tune into your own nature. You will start to discover how you too are blooming. You will start to see where new aspects of yourself are coming into being.

The other invitation with this new moon cycle is to renew your relationship with your body. I like to think of our physical bodies as little Earths. And like the Earth, the more we take care of it, the more we are taken care of. So celebrate your body this cycle; remember how good it feels to be in your body. After a long cold winter, some of our senses get dulled– numb. So now is the ideal time to wake them back up.   I would argue that Taurus is the most sensual of signs, so take a cue from Taurus Queen Cher, and SNAP OUT of your stale routine. Treat yourself to the world of sensation. Use your body for pleasure. Eat lavish meals to expand your taste buds. Buy a new wardrobe of sumptuous fabrics because they feel so good on your skin. Invest in pure high grade essential oils, change up your scent, or your bathtime ritual. And don’t be cheap, go for the good stuff; Taurus reminds us that we are worth the best– and sometimes quality costs more. Barbra Streisand is also a Taurus so… need I say more?

Your outer world reflects your inner world.  And I have a feeling your inner world has changed vastly in the past few months– so now you get to match your outsides to your insides. Taurus reminds us that no matter how enlightened we become, we can’t neglect the material world, because it’s where we live!  Take a long hard look at your closet, maybe it’s time to let that person go.  She ain’t you, anymore.  Or is your car a mess?  Mine is.  Maybe it’s time to get it washed.  This week you will feel supported in spring cleaning, starting new diets, new fitness routines, and new relationships with the world around you.  So take advantage of the energy while you can.

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