Yesterday I received some bodywork from a very gifted healer, it went deep and I was grateful for it.  After the session she talked to me a little bit about what she noticed while working on me.  She said she felt called to energize and align my third, fourth and fifth chakras (the solar plexus, the heart and the throat respectively). They are connected, she reminded me.  Even though the energies they contain and stoke are unique, they work together.  They must.


Just like your body, every part has a meaning, each piece has a crucial role to play. Your Solar Plexus is your crucible of strength, your Heart is the temple of your truth and your Throat is the valor required to honor your boundaries, needs and knowledge.  The literal definition of valor is: great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.  Without STRENGTH of conviction and a deep connection to our unique TRUTH, how can any of us expect to BE BEINGS OF VALOR.  What is valor without truth, what is truth without the strength to stand by it, and what is strength without heartfelt purpose? deep-breath

Each and every day we attempt to balance these powers.  Strength without truth is just bullying, truth without valor is cowardice and valor without strength is just a bunch of bullshit.  Tonight’s LIBRA FULL MOON which completes itself at 4:37 AM tomorrow morning is inviting is to release the imbalances in our lives, particularly in our bodies and most importantly in our Energy Body, where all these Chakras reside.


Where are your Strength, your Truth and your Valor our whack?  Which of these need more attention and which of these are overworked?  Consider it another way: Do you know where you stand?  Do you know what you stand for?  Do you speak the truth with love and conviction?  Let your heart and mind marinate on these questions and perhaps the poetry and beauty of the Libra Full Moon can illuminate where balance has been eluding you.

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