New Moon in SCORPIO

We are almost out of the Scorpio woods my loves, the energy and intensity of these past few weeks is about to leave us for the excitement and adventure of Sagittarius… but before that party can begin, there is one last dark portal to walk through. And you must walk through it.  If you have been using these past few weeks to mine your own depths, feel your darkest feelings, and obsess over how to change your life from the inside out, then this new moon should feel like a beautiful warm bath. It will be the opportunity to shed this old skin and start a new relationship with your emotional life. You will be the proverbial phoenix rising up from the ashes of all your burnt out dreams. However if you have spent this Scorpio season hiding under your covers, doing everything in your power NOT to feel the truth of where you are, then chances are this new moon is going to fuck you up.  Sorry, not sorry.  You cannot run from your feelings, you can only delay them.  If you don’t want to end up right back here same time next year then remember the only way out, is through.

Let me be completely transparent, I have spent the past few weeks crying my guts out, making best friends with my bathroom floor, going through whole boxes of Kleenex at a time.  But because I took Scorpio medicine willingly, I was able to seek out all the monsters of doubt and fear hiding inside me and now there is nothing lurking in the shadow closet.  As I approach this new moon I feel lighter and freer and also a little hollowed out too.  And I want you to feel lighter too.  The power of Scorpio is that it shows you exactly where you are. And that’s a beautiful gift. Because when you know where you actually are, you can chart a path forward.   If you keep pretending you’re further along than you are, more zen than you are, happier than you are— you will never actually change.  So while the door is still open have the courage to TELL YOURSELF THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING.  Make amends with your emotions and promise to be here for them every day from here on out, that way they don’t all descend upon you next October like a swarm of locusts.

A New Moon in Scorpio is all about your emotions.  Scorpio is a water sign, and water signs remind us the power and purpose of our feeling states.  So if you want to truly engage with this energy, it’s time to get emo… like really really emo.  I encourage you to take a long hot bath or shower, to wrap yourself in your softest sweats, put on the music that makes you feel ALL your feels, and let go.  Remember, your emotions are your friends.  They are trying to show you something about your life.  If you keep pushing them aside or ignoring them, you are going to miss out on the gifts they have to bring.  This new moon is a chance to begin to love all the various emotions that you’ve avoided for too long.  Try to love your sadness and your despair, attempt to cuddle your fear and doubt like a childhood stuffed animal.  The power of Scorpio is that they OWN THEMSELVES COMPLETELY, they have a quiet intensity that comes from knowing exactly who they are and making no apologies.  You can access that power too, but to claim it you must first name it.  Name every guest in your heart, welcome them into your New Moon ritual.  And then witness how every emotion you thought would undo you will actually build you the life of your dreams. Happy New Moon my witches.

You Will Be Tempted

by Brandon Alter

You will be tempted to hate yourself.

You will be tempted to cast yourself as a villain.

To look upon yourself through eyes of darkness.

You will consider dying.

You will wish for it, like a pot of gold.

But you will carry on anyways.

You will abandon yourself and you will rejoin yourself.

You will make mistakes and mistake your makes.

There will be silence and there will be tears.

But there will not be an ending.

When you were young you had dreams.

Now you have plans and regrets.

And that is the way. That is the only way.

You will fail in spectacular ways and think nothing of it.

You will succeed in tiny rooms and be the only one to applaud.

There will never be a day when you can rest completely.

So you will find rest in every breath.

You will seek it out hungrily.

And you will feast on it.

And still you will starve.

You will wonder why you came at all.

You will.

But do not forget that you have forgotten.

Do not let yourself get twisted inwards beyond any possible untangling.

Because the simplest answer will always be true.

You are good.

You are born from light and towards light you are journeying.

And even saints lose their tempers.

Because we are all villains and monsters and unimaginable beasts of beauty and tenderness and pain.

And that pain is the threshold, the portal, the opening.

So open it.

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