Restore and Renew this Friday!


FRIDAY NIGHT, AN OPPORTUNITY TO LOVE YOURSELF! This beautiful man played the crystal singing bowls at our wedding (pictured here) and he’s going to play them this Friday night from 9-10:30 PM while I guide you through a super relaxing restorative yoga journey. If you’ve never experienced a soundbath or restorative yoga, you are in for such a treat. These are pretty much my two favorite things in the world (besides my husband and my pup and Cher) and with the energies of this week being locotown (Is that a word? It is now.) admit it, you need it. Restorative yoga is basically a nap with tons of pillows and blankets, it allows the body to release long stored tension and it lulls you into a dreamy state of consciousness, perfect for receiving intuitive messages or just letting go! I too have been feeling the sadness and the anger around the events of this week and weekend, but if we don’t take time to nurture ourselves deeply we will be of no use for the fight in the coming weeks. Before you reach for a joint, or a whiskey cocktail, reach for your own heart. There is peace waiting for you if you can sink into it. And if you need help finding stillness and sweetness, that’s what this Friday night is all about! And you can still have that cocktail afterwards! Don’t let the madness wear you down my loves, we have a long road ahead of us and we must not get neglectful of our self care. And if you sign up before Friday it’s only $20, which frankly is a steal. I look forward to sharing this gorgeousness with you!

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