Full Moon in Weirdo + Eclipse

Eclipses take things away.  And it’s not just the light of the sun or moon.  Sometimes it’s your favorite toy, sometimes it’s that cross you’ve been carrying for years.  The energy of this eclipse on Monday AT 11:22 AM is going to remove something that’s been standing in your way for a long time. What it takes away is not entirely up to you, but you will feel the relief of moving more deeply into your authenticity without so much internal resistance– as if that voice in your head that always said: Follow the rules, be a good girl, conform– has flown the coop for good.
If you have an Aquarius in your life, then you are already aware that they are weirdos.  I should know, I am one.  The energy of Aquarius is the energy of Oprah, of collective healing, of eccentricity and innovation, and most of all DISRUPTING THE PATTERN– and that is where our Full Moon falls THIS Monday morning AT 11:11 AM.  Here’s what it’s asking: Are you ready to disrupt your own pattern?  Are you ready to finally be the glorious weirdo that you are?  Aquarians want to heal the world, just like Oprah– and granted there is a shit ton in the world that needs healing right now.  But our Sun is in Leo, which is the sign of me-me-me.  So where does that leave us?  Somewhere magical.
Here’s the message that’s been coming through loud and clear this week: NOURISHING YOURSELF IS NOURISHING OTHERS.  When you do you, in the purest most unique way– those around you can’t help but receive benefit.  So that’s what’s being drawn out of you with these full moon/eclipse energies.  It’s a chance to claim your life in the most FEROCIOUS way possible, and trust that by marching to the beat of your own drummer, we all get inspired and healed by your courage and uniqueness to dance your own dance.
Trust that this eclipse on Monday is truly freeing you up to embrace yourself completely.  This is BIG MEDICINE if you can take it– stop holding back, apologizing, censoring yourself.  The more you can give yourself permission to be yourself, unapologetically, warts and all– the more this world will receive the blessing that is you.  You know, in my life I’ve recently been allowing myself to be the spiritual weirdo that I am in all realms of my life.  I’m no longer teaching to the most closed off person in the room, I’m teaching to the most open person in the room. Even when I teach Pilates, I’m still talking about Chakras and spirit guides and not holding back– and you know what?  It’s making my life a whole lot easier and more fun, and frankly I think my students are appreciating it too.  So where in your life are you not being totally yourself?  How can you give yourself permission to let go and trust that WHO YOU ARE is EXACTLY what is needed WHEREVER YOU ARE.

Do you not know already that you are a walking prayer?  Your whole being is a blessing– and if you don’t shine like only you can shine, we all miss out.  Aquarius and Leo are polar opposites, but they are also opposite sides of the same coin.  When you cast yourself as the star of your own show (LEO) we all get to watch really good TV (AQUARIUS).  So what are you waiting for?  Sacrifice playing it safe and keeping everyone comfortable and get WEIRD with yourself.  It’ll feel so good and it’ll inspire those around you to do the same.  This eclipse is going to help you, it’ll take away some of your fear and judgement and resistance– but it wont do it for you.  Take a deep breath on Monday morning, then leap into the inferno of your own unique genius and burn burn burn.  See you in crazy town my loves, I’ll be the one dancing naked in the firelight.


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