Full Moon Capricorn

full-moon-in-cap-1Full Moon in Capricorn is about dreaming big. It’s about turning on the ignition of your ambition. This moon marks the midpoint of our year, so it’s a reminder to check in with your goals. How are you doing on the path to achieving them? Maybe the goals need to be reconfigured to align with what’s happened since January. Maybe you didn’t have goals in the first place and now you need some. Either way, these next next 72 hours are about the energy of achievement. WHAT DO YOU TRULY WANT (there are no right answers here) and HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET THERE? The how will always involve work. Nothing comes without work. But that’s not a problem because Capricorns like working hard, so long as it’s leading them somewhere worth going.


This moon also marks a bigger shift for us elementally and astrologically. We are moving out of the water of Cancer and into the fire of Leo. Water and Fire are opposites which means this transition can feel a little challenging at times. We are being encouraged to step out of the ocean of our emotions and dreams in order to engage with the sweeping desert of our passion, courage and excitement. Tapping into fire will be the KEY to making your Full Moon dreams a reality. Magic exists in this world but it is only as powerful as the work you put into your life. You can’t just sit there and make a wish on the moon to become rich (I mean you can, it’s your life, but nothing will happen). Instead you gotta eat, breathe, sleep Fire Energy; you gotta let the moon inspire you to get off your butt and start manifesting.


When it comes to manifesting, you call the shots. And that’s what the Capricorn Full Moon reminds us: We Are the Bosses of Our Own Lives. If you’ve been having difficultly making things happen in your life, perhaps you’ve forgotten this. Perhaps you’ve given your power away to someone, or something else. Perhaps you don’t really believe in yourself or your dreams. THE SECRET IS THIS: UNTIL YOU TRULY BELIEVE YOU DESERVE IT, YOU WONT MAKE IT HAPPEN. So where are you getting in your own way? What sneaky piece of yourself is still doubting your genius? Where are you not fully on board with yourself? The sooner you can identify and release your inner-saboteur, the sooner your life is about to become abundant, blissful and WHOLLY YOURS.

Lots of love,

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