If You’re Not Spring Cleaning, You’re Spring Hoarding

Here’s the deal friends, if you’re not Spring cleaning you are Spring hoarding.  I hate to say that there’s no in between here, but there’s no in between here.  You are either actively getting rid of the things that no longer serve you, or you are actively holding on to them.  By now you’ve probably realized I’m not just talking about your closets or your sock drawers.  I’m talking about your bodies.  Just like our kitchen cabinets, our bodies get overstocked and our minds get cluttered daily.  So it makes sense that we need a daily process of uncluttering.  It can be as simple as taking a bath or even taking a breath (or ten).  But if you are not clearing out, guess what, you’re hoarding.


Maybe you hoard negative affirmations: “Nobody believes in me.  Things never go my way.  What is wrong with me?”  Maybe you hoard stress or worry.  Maybe you hoard your past trauma like childhood stuffed animals in the attic.  Whatever you’ve been hoarding babies, it’s time to give it away.  The energy of Spring is the energy of renewal, so you’ll find it easier than ever to let go of that old junk.  And that’s exactly what it is, junk.  You don’t need twenty pens in your desk drawer and you don’t need twenty years worth of tension in your hips.  So start getting rid of it.  I’m not going to tell you how, because I don’t know!  Or rather I should say, I know a lot of ways but they don’t work all the time and they don’t work for everybody.  I run, I cry, I dance (sometimes naked), I do yoga, I stretch, I garden, I make up songs, I light sage/sweet grass/palo santo, I meditate, I write, I wear heels, I hike, I pray, I fall apart, I hold a ceremony, I drink a bottle of wine, I hold myself tight, I bury a crystal, rinse, repeat, try again.  It doesn’t matter what you do, but you have to start doing something.


Detoxing can seem overwhelming and mystifying, but it’s actually intuitive.  Your body naturally releases toxins on the daily and there are probably things you are ALREADY DOING to release tension and you just haven’t noticed.  Do you rub your eyes all the time?  Or catch yourself sighing and/or singing?  Maybe you’re a knuckle cracker.  These are all modalities of letting go.  These are the little spaces of release your body/mind/spirit crave.  You could be giving yourself so much MORE space, though.  And that’s the whole point of clearing out your energy field in the first place!  It’s all about space!  Give yourself the space to grow, to change, you amaze yourself.  Stop feeling so crowded by the junk of your past, the mental clutter, the physical tension.  Cleaning yourself is the foundation of freeing yourself.  So let’s get started!  If you are seeking support and guidance for your Spring cleaning, I will be co-leading a Spring Cleanse Detox Workshop with my amazing yogi friend Kumbi.  We will be exploring lots of different ways to clear ourselves out in order to make room for the renewal that’s available to us.  I invite you to join us  and above all I wish you a graceful and powerful spring cleaning!

Spring Cleanse Event (495x640).jpg

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