Working with Crystals 101

It used to be that people thought working with crystals was way out there.  Well, let’s be real, a lot still do– maybe even you.  But things are shifting.  I saw some crystals being sold in Urban Outfitters the other day, so how about that?  But just because it’s becoming more popular doesn’t mean you don’t have reservations.  Or  maybe you want to work with crystals but you don’t know how.  Well I’m here to help– and so are the crystals.

Here’s the truth: no one knows how.  And by that I mean that everyone has their own unique experience, and the only way to learn is to do.  So here’s a few simple steps to get you going.  And remember, you don’t need anyone to teach you.  You know who taught me how to work with crystals?  The crystals.  And you’ll never stop learning, so get started today!the-healing-benefits-of-crystals-1200x800b

Step One:  Get a crystal.  Maybe because it looks cool.  Maybe it looks really ugly but when you hold it you feel calm or present or protected.  Sometimes the stone chooses you.  If you’re digging through a bucket of stones and one falls out, that’s the one that wants to work with you.  Take it home.

Step Two:  Clear it!  Crystals are like sponges, they absorb the energies all around them, all of the time.  Can you imagine how muddy it must be with energy after spending time in a crystal shop… or Urban Outfitters?  So you want to make sure your crystal is clean and clear before you start working with it.  There are so many ways to do this.  You can just blow on it (really!) or light some sage or Palo Santo and waft the smoke over your new ally.  You can place them in a bowl of salt for 24 hours, or put them under the light of the full moon.  If you live near the Ocean , oh man, nothing clears a crystal like Big Mama Ocean– that having been said, some crystals will dissolve in water, so google it before you soak it.

Step Three:  Set an intention.  What do you want this crystal to help you do?  Meditate?  Write your novel?  Detox?  The possibilities are limitless but you have to choose one.  Let your crystal know what sort of assistance you need.  Otherwise it’s just gonna sit there and wonder why you bought it.crystals-feanne-2015-preview-1-f

Step Four:  Trust yourself.  Crystals are literally energy in a solid form.  Everyone receives energy in different ways.  How you interact with a stone may differ from how I react to a stone– or even what books about crystals say!  For example, most Crystalistas (a term I totally made up and am not even sure how to spell) would say Smokey Quartz is a grounding stone, but that doesn’t mean it might not make you feel totally spacey.  One night I was working with a Smokey Quartz wand and a piece of Moldavite, and instead of grounding me to the earth, the wand intensified the Moldavite and I felt totally out of this world.  This is all to say: go with your gut– if holding a stone makes you feel lightheaded it’s not a grounding stone, no matter what the books may say.

Step Five:  Have fun.  Doesn’t everything go more smoothly when you’re not taking it too seriously?  You can’t force a crystal to work with you, just like you can’t force yourself to meditate.  Allowance is key, and the more casual you are, the more insight can slip through veil.

Step Six:  Thank your crystal.  Just like people, crystals work better with  gratitude.  So thank your little soldiers for helping you and they will return the favor in kind.


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